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Erinn Hayes  Person in this world and also sometimes the 📺 world.

Best attempt at cornfused googly eyes. Legit though, we got lost for way too long. Thank god @darcyhemleycasucci had some fantastic tips like “no, we’re going the right way, I remember this corn wall from last year.”

@darcyhemleycasucci is cornfused and super pissed about it.

How many layers of moisturizer and eye cream is too many layers? Cuz I’ve hit like 20. #shinepatrol #letthatshitsinkin #4eyecreamsatanygivenmoment #ihaveaproblem

Sometimes you realize you are a mom who is also kind of an artist who only really expresses that type of creativity when your kids school needs it. Case in point, I spent waaaaay too long on these wands for our Halloween carnival booth. And enjoyed every minute.

I know if I were in NYC this weekend I would be at this show. Fund raiser for the people of Puerto Rico and Mexico. Sadly can’t go, I’ll have to just donate instead. @cherrylntheatre #indestructable

Tv 📺 mother and son reunion!! Love this kid. Can’t wait for everyone to see this show. February I think? #dangerousbookforboys @gabrielmichaelbateman

Hello, perfect Sunday afternoon.

Staying true to her steadily built brand, here is Lilah absolutely loving another museum. #sorrynortonsimon

Great doc that breaks down the needs up in Northern California. Check it out. Thanks @wendy_woo_woo

Too good not to swipe.

Yes, shuffle, yes.

Daughter is great at making new friends. They love to get together and... well, I don't really know because it's not "cool" for mom to hang out but she seems to really like them. Strangely, this new friendship or "cover",whatever she called it, has coincided with me getting a ton of rashes and I may be going blind. But I don't want to make this about me. Girl friendships forever!

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