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♡ benjamin hayes grier ♡  "Love u babe❤️" - my everything - babe liked 3x 💬 1x - met my everything 11-17-16❤️ - ♡ it'll always be you ♡


Reunited after nearly a year❤️(I reunited with Taylor yesterday, but I'm posting pics now😊💙)
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Shoutout to Tay for signing my black shirt with a black sharpie....😂😂💙 (I reunited with him yesterday but I'm posting the pics now😊💗)
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I'm sorry I haven't been posting guys. I haven't been locked out of my account, I just haven't really had the motivation to keep this account going... ever since people at my school found out about my account, I don't want to post. It's gotten to the point where people make new accounts so they can look at mine. But anyways, I'm going to reunite with Taylor Caniff today in Kansas City! If you're going, snapchat me!😊 snap- tgoettsche157💘

I'm sorry I haven't been posting, I'll explain later... but I'm reuniting with Taylor today at the Kansas City show! HMU if you're going!!😊❤️

I would have reunited with Hayes yesterday....😪
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We don't get a full week off for spring break.... only 2 days🙄😒
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I would have been reuniting with Hayes 12 days from today. Damn.😞
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Tomorrow we start bowling in PE, and TBH I'm so excited😂 (our bus takes us to the bowling alley and we spend all PE period there😂)
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Never made one of these before, but let's see how this goes😛 (obviously I love them both😂❤️)
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I love finding new music that I'm just 100000% obsessed with cause I relate to it on a really personal level👌🏽
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Anyone wanna help me try to re-talk my mom into letting me do online school???🤔
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Lmao people at my school literally keep going on my account. Like if you think it's "dumb" or "stupid" than just don't look at it..?🤔🤔
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