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Hayden Squadrito  From Orlando, Fl, now in Dallas, TX. Mediocre photos of myself and high quality photos of my dog.

Yeah I’ll have a
- bud light coming right up
But I wanted a - $3.50 please
Excited to visit my fav bar in Orlando this weekend.

I’m excited to see my lil pug children back home next week. Also peep the throwback man bun 🙃

If u say u like poetry then tell me who spoke these beautiful words I’ll wait

I told him we have food in the fridge

I often post a photo on my story first to see if it’s received well and if it is I’ll post it the next day to my feed. This photo didn’t do so well so here’s your chance for redemption.

Car rides with my main

Sunday smiles from baby dob

This is basically the same photo I posted a bit ago and it’s not Thursday for a throwback so let’s just pretend it’s unlike any other photo of me you’ve seen.


Texas has been beyond hot this week and apparently tomorrow it’s supposed to hit 108.. send halp. Shades by Sprezzabox doe

He thicc

If ya didn’t read it in his voice just hit the unfollow button pal

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