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Hayden Monteleone🇩🇴&🇮🇹  @xangelina_valdezx💍 💯Lifetime natural🤴🏻 Exclusive Content⬇️

Don’t strive to “become”, but “be.”

“True mastery transcends any particular art. It stems from mastery of oneself – the ability, developed through self-discipline, to be calm, fully aware, and completely in tune with oneself and the surroundings in the midst of the ever-changing moment.”🤴🏻💪🏼

Fade days! #tbt

First day of sixth grade.👨‍👧

If you’ve been born/blessed with the gift, & light to shine & you waste it; that’s the curse! No matter hard they try, they can’t stop your light! All attempts to shade you, won’t stop you from shinning! 👁💪🏼🤴🏻 @jed_north #allnatural

What do you do when you're on your last dollar & the stress of this mess you're in can make your ass holla?
Do you fold, grow bitter & grow cold?
No longer fightin' now the only thing you grow is old
Or do you flip that fuckin' dollar to a dream?
Whether a scholar or a fiend, watch a pawn become a king! 🤴🏻 #allnatural #international #5

Ironically, echoing prayers towards others downfall is a certain way to achieve ones own self-destruction. 👁 #lawofattraction

🦍 at the beach. 🤣 @xangelina_valdezx 📷

“Can’t be out here Nickel & dimming! I got me a girl, she don’t want no 💎. A daily reminder to holla at, God; like where did you find her! Good looking my nigga!” #allnatural #nomakeup #wcw #wce 👸🏽

Jordan’s & muscles! 💪🏼 Call me, Dinosaur Kid!🦖😜 #raptor #4 #allnatural

Develop compassion for yourself despite your human defects! You will never be perfect! 🤴🏻💪🏼🖤 @lynnisroyalty_ 📷

Damn girl! You been working out?! 👀 @xangelina_valdezx #allnatural #wce #wcw

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