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Hayden Parker Weaver  Midwest | Bartender | Gianna Rose 🌹 | #MonthOfHope | samantha@cegtalent.com

Switch frontside floatation indy grab to salt water landing. #KickPush

Life comes at you fast, so did this wave. #DadJokes #Aquaman

Might have to book a trip to Madagascar next, @giannahammer? More clips from our trip coming soon! #HappyEarthDay #Zaboomafoo #Canon

Discovered a bar/cafe/skatepark all in one building. I will definitely be returning to #Pensacola. @waterboyz (📸: @giannahammer)

The Pacers may have taken another L but at least I can still rep and support the team in style with the Ford Focus RS. With four different driving modes, including "Track" and "Drift", you can dominate the course (or Monument Circle) no matter the mood you're in. #Ford #FocusRS #Indianapolis #GoPacers #Indy more info with link in bio

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow."

Still not sure how @zacefron was casted over me in one of the lead roles for Baywatch, but whatever. #FriedLikeALobster

Getchu a girl that likes to wear matching outfits, act immature with, get drunk at a zoo with, take spontaneous vacations with, one that'll let you grab her butt in any public place, one that doesn't care what people think, one to fall in love with over and over.

This is Melbourne, in 15 months he will be taller than me. #GulfShores #Kangaroo #Sunburnt #FryOrDie

Lemurs' ancestors first appeared on earth 55 million years ago, and are now found in the wild only in Madagascar. #Alabama #GulfShores #Lemur #sb2k17

"I think you end up doing the stuff you were supposed to do at the time you were supposed to do it" - RDJ #GulfShores #SamHuntStuntMan

A beer a day keeps the 6-pack away. #DadBod #DadJokes

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