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Hayden Bowe  Co-Owner: @hybridperformancemethod & @hybridperformancemethodgym - Miami DNDL Athlete info@hybridperformancemethod.com

258kg/570 x 4. I felt a little off today but pushed through. Mood = @dexter_riley_ at the end of the video.

286kg/630lbs x 3 at the end of our seminar this weekend @tysonsplayground. Thanks to all who came out!

Hybrid Performance combines the best of all worlds: powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting & bodybuilding. The big five are combined into one fun and challenging program that's proven to be an effective way to build up your strength significantly, and at the same time helps you make improvements in the snatch and clean and jerk. In addition, we have integrated specific accessory exercises to ensure your body stays healthy and aesthetic.
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Our 11 programs are all included in one membership fee! The monthly membership fee gives you the freedom to switch between:
- Hybrid Performance
- Hybrid Lite
- Hybrid WOD
- Hybrid Weightlifting 2.0
- Hybrid Powerlifting
- Intro to Hybrid Powerlifting
- Hybrid Deadlift Protocol
- Hybrid Push-Only
- Hybrid 101
- Hybrid Squat Protocol
- Hybrid Gymnastics (add-on program)
- Hybrid Pull Up to Handstand (add-on)
- Hybrid’s Corrective Bodybuilding for Strength Athletes
Best of all your data and place in each program is saved when switching so you can always pick up where you left off. Read more about our programs and how to become a @hybridperformancemethod athlete by clicking the link in our bio! #hybridmethod #lookliftmove #hybridaf

275kg/606lbs x 5 @hybridperformancemethod

Pretty smooth single at 180kg/397lbs followed by some no leg drive work with 150kg/330lbs. @hybridperformancemethod

A good old cutting vs bulking comparison. 190lbs on the left vs 210lbs on the right. My height is 5’9”.
Took a slow approach to cutting post bulk and was able to retain all strength + even improve strength is some lifts. Dieting doesn’t have to suck or cost you gains if you plan right. The only thing that changed between these two photos was my macros.
The bulk itself was about 20 weeks. PRO TIP: if you’re thinking about going on a quick bulk and cut (a couple weeks or even a couple months) don’t. You’re pretty much just gaining and losing the same few pounds of fat on repeat & might as well not waste your time. If you’re going to cut or bulk go all in and be patient.
Training & Nutrition ➡️ @hybridperformancemethod

272.5kg/601lbs x 3 in today’s squat session. #hybridAF
Programming ➡️ @hybridperformancemethod

255kg/562lbs x 9. The goal was 8 reps to beat my previous PR of 250kg x 8 by 5kg but I threw in an extra rep because I was feeling 🔥. @hybridperformancemethod #hybridAF

Jumpstart your fitness in 90 days with HYBRID 101: a combination of strength and circuit training that will boost your overall strength, work capacity and improve your body composition.
This program works best for people who have little experience with strength training, people who want to get back in shape but don't want to step right into weightlifting/powerlifting specific programming, people wanting to use it as a bridge program between prep cycles or people coming back from injuries. This program focuses on developing a solid strength base in combination with rehab/prehab specific exercises and multi planar movements to boost your athleticism.
If you love the idea of @hybridperformancemethod but aren't sure where to start, this one’s for you! Click the Link in Bio to read more about it. #hybrIdAF

“You’re a health FREAK”, “Ew, that probably tastes disgusting”, “You look miserable eating that”, “You are so obsessive”, “I can’t even enjoy my meal watching you eat that.”, “Eat this, it won’t kill you!”, “You looked better when you were heavier, you look thin and unhealthy”
The Crab Mentality or Crab in a Bucket Mentality, something that people who diet, follow a healthy diet or lifestyle, are in shape or who are trying to get in shape and improve their health and quality of life deal with far too often. This negative verbal vomit is something that I have dealt with for years ever since I started lifting weights way back when I was 14 years old and something in more recent years I have dealt with my nutrition.
This negativity that some people spew out when seeing others make positive changes to their own lives with improving their fitness, diet, health, etc. is just a direct representation of how they feel about themselves and their own insecurities
So how do you deal with these people? 99% of the time the answer is to quite simply ignore them. This can be easier said than done, especially if this individual(s) are unavoidable in your daily life whether it be a co-worker(s) or a family member(s) but always remember to NEVER let them see that what they are saying is bothering you, because it shouldn’t.
Combat this negativity with a giant smile and when they confront you, tell them how great you feel since implementing these positive changes in your life. One of three things will likely happen; they will see that you are actually happy and flourishing and ask for guidance themselves (rare), they will realize you are mentally tough and cannot be broken and leave you alone, or you will watch their blood boil when they continue to see you succeed in what they wish they could. Make the choices that these people could not, CHOOSE to be positive and CHOOSE to better yourself. Do not let someone who is clearly so negative and spiteful deter you from your goals and your dreams.
By: Hybrid Nutrition coach, @greg.sut.

280kg/617lbs x 3
Programming ➡️ @hybridperformancemethod

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