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Hayden Bowe  Hybrid Performance Method Hybrid Performance Method Gym - Miami DNDL Athlete All of my shorts are from @lululemon info@hybridperformancemethod.com


220kg/485lbs + 50lbs in chains x 3 after 200kg + chains x 5 and 2x5 @ 180kg + chains. Newest cycle off #hybridpowerlifting is a BEAST. Join my pain via the link in my bio! #hybridAF @hybridperformancemethod

140kg/308lb sneetch #hybridAF @hybridperformancemethod

Hybrid WOD is a strength based program coached by one of the strongest CrossFit athletes in the game, Ian Daniel. It combines powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting in addition to accessory work and met-cons.
We've created the perfect blend that will allow you to make continuous strength gains throughout the year, while at the same time keeping your conditioning up.
Join @ian_the_rhino_ and the rest of the @hybridperformancemethod team by clicking the link in my profile now! #hybridAF #teamhybrid #lookliftmove

245kg/540lbs x 5 in sleeves. This is the best squat has felt in a long time, squat bar and comp plates make a huuuge difference. PRs coming soon. #hybridAF @doughnutsanddeadlifts @hybridperformancemethod

Dreams don't work. Unless you do.
@hybridperformancemethod offers 9 different strength based programs. Leave the thinking to us, all you have to do is sign up and show up. <Link in Bio>

If you're not here yet HURRY! You're missing out! Big lifts going down all day at @hybridperformancemethodgym #hybridAF

Come lift with some big boys & girls tomorrow at @hybridperformancemethodgym.
Starts at 4:00pm at
2021 NW 1st Place
Miami, FL

Haven't been benching the last couple of months while we were waiting for @hybridperformancemethodgym's comp benches to be made. First real bench session went down today and I'm pumped with 155kg/341lbs x 3 as a starting point. @leoni.strong hit some volume on the red @mbslingshot slingshot after and then crushed some more upper body on our new hammer strength jammer. Time for a nap 😴 #hybridAF

275kg/606lbs for a grindy single! Wasn't feeling great but happy to have 600+ on the bar @hybridperformancemethod #hybridAF

This bar is TUFF! 220kg/484lbs for a triple on the cambered bar, this is the most difficult specialty bar to use in my opinion. Great training for the core and especially helpful if you want to improve efficiency on a yoke. @hybridperformancemethodgym #hybridAF

Suns out, tongues out. @dexter_thegsp

235kg/515lbs x 5 with a solid crew at The Stronghouse Gym in Las Vegas. Awesome gym, 10/10 would recommend.

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