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Family bed shot from the weekend πŸ’šπŸ˜πŸ˜Š

Is this Joe or Henry? #likefatherlikeson #minijoe

My two cuties chillin like villains on a Saturday morning.. yes, Henry has a pink dummy cause I ordered new dummies online from woolies and that's the colour they picked πŸ˜’

This is 4 days late but Henry is now 9 months old! I can't believe he'll be 1 in less than 3 months 😱
He's still in 0 clothing (most brands) but will soon outgrow them, he's such a tall boy! He's crawling really well now, and is pulling himself up onto furniture ALL the time now (more interested in doing that than crawling cause crawling is sooo last week Mum), he even let go twice yesterday and stood for a few seconds on his own (and then freaked out)
He says dada quite a bit and said 'hell yeah' yesterday πŸ˜‚ No mama yet but I'm still working on it 😬

He has now decided that he does NOT like being spoon fed anymore and MUST hold the spoon himself thankyouverymuch meaning not much goes in and most ends up everywhere except his mouth. (And mummy is still learning to embrace the messy baby life πŸ˜–) I think he'll definitely be standing unaided by my next update! πŸ˜„

This little boy is sitting up so well by himself now and even moves back and forth from crawling position to sitting position! He's learning so quickly!

Going for a walk is serious business. #iworkinbackiseenosmiles #zerofunsir

This little munchkin just sat himself up from a crawling position! What is going on?! 😲

This is a terribly blurry photo but it was the best shot of Henry (super cute) and shows where he is in his development right now. He is extremely close to crawling - does the rocking back and forth and kinda launches himself forward to reach toys. He's in 0 clothing, he is saying more consonants, especially 'p' at the moment, he can sit up unaided for about 2 minutes and moves his body to balance when he's leaning and also puts his hands out to stop from falling forward, he LOVES his food, doesn't seem to matter what it is, he'll eat it. He's grabbing at everything, especially hair 😩 And he's been great at daycare, everyone loves him. He's just a pretty happy chappy in general!! He'll be crawling by my next update I'm sure of it!! 😬😬

This little cheeky monkey is 7 months old today! This photo was taken yesterday before he threw up all over this outfit ☹️ He hasn't been too well today either but we're hoping he is on the mend very soon. Having a sick baby is the worst. And I'm not feeling the best myself. Feeling very grateful for my husband at the moment πŸ’™πŸ’™

My cute little cutie 😍😍

Henry is 6 months old today!! What a crazy, beautiful 6 months it's been! Henry is in 00s, he likes to sleep on his tummy now (sometimes with his bum in the air), has just started making new sounds when he babbles with 'keh' and 'y'. Singing to him always makes him smile (especially songs with actions), he loves The Beach Boys and Peppa Pig. He's a little socialite and is a very determined little boy. I can't wait to see how he grows and changes over the next 6 months. Love you Henny Benny!! 😘

This boy has just not wanted to sleep today! Or yesterday.. so we've had a lovely weekend πŸ˜‘ Don't let the smile fool you.. he's currently screaming his head off.. πŸ˜’

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