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  hi, i love dogs so much

gemma had a pretty big surgery yesterday, and disappeared today whilst dad was having a shower and he couldn't find her for so long and then this, omg

mum and dad bought me a lil daisy jr. to take to brisbane with me and i cried a lil bit❤💔

"i think i need more attention" - me, 10 seconds before this

just 2 pals

it's time to go for a .....WAAAAAALK

me too daisy, me too ❤

them after milk feels 💕

i ate the whole thing because liam kept saying i couldn't do it and now i want to throw up, but in a good way

shout out to my mum for making a truly amazing sparkly vegan chocolate whale last night 💯🐳

lil roly-poly remy came to visit at work today 🐶💯

thanks for joining in on my selfie elysha

just two gals having a real nice time