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I hope your happy that you got us to break up you won the war but you didn't win the prize at all. I ran away but I am safe never in real danger I have my ways. Also the fact that people have been lied to and then put out of the fact that I am me myself and I and I am going to fight for myself not you because you aren't worth it to me anymore really my new blacklist of names
If you are on this list never contact me with anything even if you see me in the halls gtf away from me

Don't let memories get to you. Forget the past and look more toward the future, forget the people who told you that you don't have a place in this world. You DON'T NEED THEM! We've all made stupid mistakes and we've all messed up, but guess what? Nobody is perfect, am I right? Because, everybody goes through a tough time and can't rely on them-self they would rather rely on each other. This picture is a memory to me of a dance from a woman who is everything to my eyes. And we'll I say here thinking about that night... Sadie's was the dance in March, 2016. Scared me for life because I fell in love and now have to forget we even were together. I don't care talk shit go ahead I've been bullied my whole life anyway. So comment down your story, take time and tell me your story, and tell me about it in a really descriptive matter. Or if you don't feel comfortable, DM and tell me I would love to hear what you guys have to say. No further a do I'm Haxify, and I am out hoping to see you in the next video peace...

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