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Haw River Homestead  Carey 🌻 Oil Guide/dōTERRA Executive 🌟 @lovewildtribe essential oils ✨ Passion for saving seeds 🌱 Growing food 🍅🍆🌽 Backyard Chickens 🐓🐓🐓🐓


Transplanting all the green babies today. 🌱🌱 #hawriverhomestead

Thank you for all the love on my post about Harriett. It was such a rough day for a myriad of reasons. But we're so grateful for the time we had with her. She was the sweetest chick, and loved treats. She was definitely at the top of the pecking order and wherever Lulu was Harriet was right there with him. She loved to be held, and petted. And she had the cutest little wobbly run when she saw me coming. Harriett always followed me like a puppy dog. Just the day before she died she came running at me with full force knowing I'd have a few sunflower seeds for her. She didn't have signs of bird flu or egg bound, and right before she died she began convulsing and flapping her wings. It's possible she died of Sudden Chicken Death Syndrome. We buried her before we thought to send her off to for a necropsy. She was loved. ❤️🐓

Update: Harriett just died. We're all very sad. ////Harriett went missing for a while today and when nathan found her she seemed weak. He's checked to see if she's egg bound, but she isn't. I'm afraid we're gonna lose her.

#somethingilove The list is long, but one thing I love is starting seeds and waiting for them to pop out of the soil. My goal is to transplant these greens to 4packs this weekend, and set them out in the greenhouse. ⠀

I'm no gardening expert, and like I mentioned in my last photo I don't really follow a lot of rules. My motto is try, try again with gardening. But some tips I can share for starting seeds:⠀

🌱 start with a good seed starter base (I use a #fafard seedling mix) ⠀
🌱wet the soil before you put it in your containers (this way you won't wash the seeds away)⠀
🌱a heat mat helps warm the soil and support germination (you can find them as low as $15.99 on amazon 🙌)⠀
🌱keep the light low to avoid leggy seedlings (or by a very, very sunny window) ⠀
🌱water from the bottom when soil dries out⠀
🌱transplant to larger pot after seedling has grown first true leaves ⠀
🌱harden off (place outside in indirect sunlight for a few days) before transplanting outside ⠀
Now watch those babies grow! #lovewildtribe

wild / I color outside the lines. I live in a grey world (okay, okay it's green). 🌱🌱 And, I garden much this same way. Nothing is evenly spaced. There are weeds and aphids and powdery mildew. There are also flowers and bees and tomatoes for days. I live outside in between the equinox and the solstice waiting for the butterflies to land and the garden to be harvested. #lovewildtribe #hawriverhomestead #inthewild

resilient / If I had to choose one word to describe myself that's what it would be.
#lovewildtribe day 5
From a young age I always had this drive to do more. If I was knocked down in the process, even better because it just pushed me to do better.
This year I keep pulling the Ace of Cups card in my tarot readings, and connect with its meaning of fulfillment and emotional wealth. This card also represents water (And I'm a cancer ♋️)! I love how water and the ebb and flow of its power so closely represents my resilient nature. 🌊

Over time I've come to realize that a cup is always being offered, but whether or not I decide to reach out and drink from it is my decision. The times I do, I am happier and healthier. ✨ #hawriverhomestead #hawriveressentials #illuminatedtarot

Have you ever seen a carrot seed? If you have, then you know why this is #plantmagic! A lot of times when I'm asked why I love gardening and oils so much, it's difficult to put into words. But it comes down to that empowering, wonderful feeling that comes over me when I see my first seedling pop up or an oil gives me relief! ✨ That a tiny seed can provide you food or a 100 foot tree can provide you pain relief - sure, its biology and science and life and wild, but it's also just ✨magic✨#lovewildtribe day 4 #sharethelove #hawriverhomestead

What makes me happy? My girls, my family, this life ❤️ day 3 #lovewildtribe photo challenge has me throwing it back to warmer days, back porch hangs, and chicken cuddles! #hawriverhomestead

In my hand for day 2 of our #lovewildtribe photo challenge! The girls are up to two eggs a day. It never gets old. 🐓🍳

#lovewildtribe Share the Love photo challenge starts today! I'm kind of real excited to see everyone's photos! ✨⠀

Today is self-portrait, and I thought I would share a few random facts about myself as well! I'd love for you to say hi, especially if you don't normally comment ❤️ ⠀

🌱I am a mama to two girls - Eleanor (6) and Molly (5), and my husband and I met online (livejournal.com) some 10+ years ago! (He also starred on a dating reality television show before we met in person, and I watched it like the giggly school girl that I am)! ⠀

🌱 I am a dōTERRA wellness advocate, and I'm so excited for this journey! I love the tribe we have created here - such an empowering community of women! Love you @lovewildtribe! ⠀
🌱I'd much rather be doing or making something than discussing how we are going to do or make it. I learn the most when I am acting on an idea. I love to empower others to reach their goals, and find that I'm the happiest in a mentorship role. If you're stuck on an idea of what to do next, I'm your advice girl! ⠀

🌱 I'm a homebody. I have traveled a little bit, but I love being home. Anyone relate? #lovewildtribeoilguide #hawriverhomestead #sharethelove

I'm working on a post about our garden beds 🌱🌱 Leave me a comment if you have a question, and I'll try to answer it! Here the chickens are pecking around after we laid the first layer of compost 🐓 #hawriverhomestead

Let's spread the love, you guys! 💛 Did you know Grapefruit is the oil of honoring the body? It's an invigorating oil that validates your purpose and focus in the moment. I challenge you to honor yourself today by saying thank you to the vessel that carries you from day to day. ✨⠀

Personally I have been through a lot of changes over the last few months, and when this happens I struggle with my weight and emotional eating. Because of this, I've caught myself being judgmental to my body. But today, I'm going to share a few affirmations that have helped me through those moments. ⠀

✨I honor my body for allowing me to see a new day each morning. ⠀
✨ I honor my body for carrying and birthing two beautiful creatures. ⠀
✨ I honor my body for its strength and ability to play with my children. ⠀
✨ I acknowledge all of my feelings, and let them move through my body freely. ⠀
✨I nourish my body and listen to its needs.⠀
✨ I am grateful for my body and the life I live in it. ⠀

Try writing your own, and diffuse Grapefruit while repeating them to yourself. You are magic ✨ Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves. ⠀

If you want more info on Grapefruit, join our Oil Circle @lovewildtribe! We will be sharing about this beautiful oil all month on our blog. #lovewildtribegrapefruit #lovewildtribe #hawriveressentials

Saturday morning glory 🌞We are planning to fill as many garden beds as possible today before our fingers freeze! We are filling the bottoms with our compost, and then a combination of top soil, Fafard complete planting mix, peat moss, and cow manure! #hawriverhomestead

Color. ✨ Also, echinacea. 🌸 #flashbackfriday #hawriverhomestead

Seed starting this weekend 👌Anyone else got the itch? #hawriverhomestead

We have one hen working over time, and two hens on a seasonal sabbatical! #hawriverhomestead

Anyone out there feeling a little under the weather? 😷It's definitely been going around! Yesterday I did a LIVE class on how to use essential oils to support your immune system through the cold & flu season. ⠀

I found this effective immune boosting blend in my Essential Life book that I'm trying this week on myself & my kiddos. It's anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and detoxifying all in one! 🙌 Both oregano & black pepper are high in phenol compounds that have beneficial antioxidant effects to support your overall ability to fight seasonal threats! They are also "hot" oils so it's important to dilute them before applying topically. ⠀

If you want to try it as well, do this for 5 nights in a row:⠀
🌱1 drop Oregano⠀
🌱1 drop Black Pepper ⠀
🌱2 drops of Grapefruit with a carrier oil and rub on the bottom of your feet. ⠀

Not only is this warming & comforting, it also has been shown to support your body's ability to kick those 🤒 days to the curb! ⠀
#hawriverhomestead #hawriveressentials

I did a *little bit* of reading on chicken breeds before we got ours. Everything I read said, Buff Orpingtons are the sweetest, most docile birds. They were not lying. I love my Buffs! They are easy to train, great with kids, and decent layers. What's your favorite chicken breed? #hawriverhomestead

It's gorgeous today. I even saw a few daffodils popping their heads out of the ground. 🌞 #hawriverhomestead

Ever really thought about actively embracing your sensual side? ✨If you have - and we'll, even if you haven't - keep reading! Today the oil guides from @lovewildtribe are each featuring oils for intimacy in an insta loop!

Passion is a spicy, warm and rich blend of essential oils that embraces feelings of confidence and, you guessed it - passion! 🙌 It has some of the most common aphrodisiac oils in the blend like Sandalwood and Jasmine. Both of these oils have been used for centuries on an emotional level to move away from apathy and embrace sensuality. Cinnamon Bark & Clove oil are also a part of the Passion blend - both are warming oils, and increase circulation which directly effects your tension levels. ❤️Add 20 drops of Passion to a 1/4 cup of fractionated coconut oil for a relaxing and sensual massage oil. ⠀
Many common reasons for low libido in women involve fatigue, stress, and even mothering. Have you ever just felt "touched out?" While essential oils can be a part of your overall health, its important to address sexual energy from all angles. Getting enough exercise and taking time for self-care will naturally remove emotional blocks and encourage your passion to shine through. ✨

Go to ➡️ @theforestfarmhouse to add a little spice with Black Pepper essential oil! ⠀
#lovewildtribe #hawriveressentials

Lou is letting me hold him again 🙌 #rooster #hawriverhomestead

Soaking up every last second of daylight this week ✨ I hardly believe we had that crazy snow storm just a week ago! #hawriverhomestead

Yesterday before the snow melted - something about Lou's wattle flying in the wind here makes me chuckle! 🐓Tomorrow Nathan is picking up wood for our new beds. We are checking out the local lumber yard for best prices on untreated pine or cedar. I'll keep you updated in my stories 🌱 #hawriverhomestead

We got an egg! Total surprise since the girls haven't been laying since December. #hawriverhomestead

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