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Angela  I've had a smokin hot fiancé since 6.3.14 ❣️And then I gave birth to the most badass little bean on 2.8.17💋

My lil poopoo was up for what felt like 80 million hours crying, I tried everything and then tried this. The outcome was a picture of a super sleepy deprived mama bear wired on coffee and a beautifully derpy bean. Hope this makes up for me being missing on here for 20 days.

My model baby likes to eat pillows. @wu_tang_dan_

HEY YALL MAMA HAWK NEEDS HELP. (ALSO. Keep reading if you want a follow back from me!) So there's this girl who is a super talented photographer. She's doing a giveaway and she will give a free photo shoot. And I tried to enter to win. And you should too :) she's trying to get to 3k followers on her Facebook page before she announces the winner. SO LETS HELP HER. Let's get her out there. She seriously deserves so much exposure. So share her page. AND OF YOU WHO JOIN THE PAGE CAN WIN A FREE PHOTOSHOOT. I seriously refuse to work with anybody but her. She is super good. ANYBODY who joins her page will get a follow back from me if you send me a screenshot that you did it. If you can show me that you shared her page with your Facebook friends, then I'll skype or FaceTime with you and we can chat it up! THE PAGE ON FACEBOOK IS CALLED: Lashes & Lace Boudoir (ladies only) and I posted a pic of the page just so you know what it looks like :) you can dm me the proof of you doing it for a follow back or comment done when you've done it :) SO! Follow her for a follow back, and share her page with your friends for a FaceTime or a skype session :) I REALLY WANT TO WIN SO HALP MEH

Oh my. You guys. What. A. Gorgeous. Man. I. Am. Gonna. Marry... Wowie. I have a hot ass baby daddy. 😍😭

MY. PERFECT. FAMILY. I don't even know if I could find the right set of words to explain in one caption just how happy this man, this baby, my family, just tonight has made me. We decided to give our perfect baby girl a bath, and we kicked ass as a team, watching her kick her perfect little feet in the water 😍tbh.. Just watching @wu_tang_dan_ be a father.. it's better than falling in love with him all over again, which I already do every single time I wake up next to him. Yes, sometimes having a baby can put a relationship to the test. BUT, honey, if that's the case, then we're passing with flying colors. You're such an amazing father. You're such a beautiful human being. And we've made a beautiful, perfect, adorable human. And now.. for the first time in almost 23 years, I know what it's like to have a family. And to belong to that family. And to depend on that family for support, comfort, and love without being rejected, judged, or just scared to even breathe wrong to them. So.. Thank you. I'm forever grateful. And also thnx for sharing the night shifts with me. You've been so good to me with that 💋😭#loveclairejordan

Daddy caught us sleeping, then woke us up to pose for a picture 😊 even though I hate how I look, I'm so thankful he catches these moments. #loveclairejordan #numberonedad #papaoftheyear

I look like a tired butt. Since this picture was taken, I believe my perfect little angel has gained almost 3 pounds and 2 inches but it feels like she's grown way too much way too fast. When my parent friends said, "don't blink" .. holy moly they weren't kidding. #loveclairejordan #littlebean

Dear Claire bear,
I am so sorry you have such a derp for a mommy. Ily tho.

SHOUTOUT TO THE ONLY FRIEND WHO DIDNT LEAVE ME WHEN I HAD A BABY. for real for real auntie nana has done so much for me. It feels like Claire has one dad and two moms. This bitch is tough shit for staying up with me my first few nights with her, and helping me on the nights where I was so overwhelmed and sleep deprived. She may drink all my coffee but she fuckin deserves it 💯 @hannah_scottt

You make me feel pretty on the days that I think I look my ugliest. And for that, I love you so much that sometimes it feels like my heart stops and the only thing that can restart it is you. (Which let's be real.. ironically enough, my heart did stop during my seizures, and if it wasn't for you giving me cpr, my heart would have stayed dead so thanks buddy) ❤ @wu_tang_dan_

Happy birthday, poopy butt. @sierraa_annn

Stay strong. If no one is around to give you a pat on the back to say good job, do it for yourself. Cry out the lonely frustration and keep chuckin along.

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