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I am Gracefully Broken!!! I remember when I was going through my deep waters I thought God hated me.

Now I know it was all for a purpose.

Let me go give Him some tight praise to last me for the week.
No more fears.
No more worries.

When you're 46yrs and 2 months.
Mother of 3 wisemen
And PaciFire is madly in love with you.
You just do the PPP.

When you clients invites you to pump up the place for her birthday!!
You go there and behave your behave that's all!!!!
Oya Jo bi Daddy
Oya Jo bi mummy
Song by @baddosneh


The PaciFire's met one of their personal person @mandychisom @Abuja so we decided to give her The Yesooooo dance..
We love You baby girl.
Stay strong..
Tough times don't last tough people do..
Oya let's bend down low..

If nobi say social media dey epp my Business I for don log out since.
The hatred that I see stinking from most of frenemies these days dey fear me.
So friends cannot have misunderstanding in peace again and not come to social media to open all your secrets?
Na wa ooo.
Shame on all of you.
I hope una dey aware say una kids don dey follow una for social media.
Make una Kontinue it's obvious Brain dey pain una..
Thank God I know my own..
Lord continue to expose frenemies
May we never beg them for food in Jesus mighty name amen

Prayermode Activated:Let us pray a prayer of AGREEMENT.. Anyone that sits and plots for our downfall so they can begin to laugh and tagg their fellow witches and wizards
1,May you see paper and call it money.

2,May you eat sand and call it food.

3,May you work like an elephant and eat like an ant.

4,May sleep be far from you.

5,May weeping and gnashing of teeth be your potion for as long as you live.

6,In your time of trouble when you cry no one will hear you.

This i pray in Jesus mighty name amen
Indeed there shall be no peace for the wicked.. Gosh!!!
Who has cursed us to enjoy seeing people go through pain and we are rejoicing... Indeed signs of Endtimes
Lord please keep Your own.#IamTwb

I found strength in a place of 'BEING ALONE"
My Strength came when I left the world and stayed with GOD...

Hipppppee my Twinny Boo @nhn_couture is Backl❤❤❤❤❤
And Yes The Destiny Tops she is wearing is now available @Havilah in Red, Black and Cream colour in all sizes..
Hurry I am not restocking after this set..
Coman and buy yours I promise you it causes Shame to frenemies lol

Today's news is Tomorrow trash..
Don't let bad news derail you...
Nothing is that serious..
Every scandal last for only 9 days ask Apostle ....
Don't ask me which Apostle I am not Google. Lol
Just coman and buy Jolie dresses almost sold out..
Yesooooo God is good..

Word for Today:
You cannot say youre not a thief
Meanwhile your best friend is A King thief.. You cannot say you're not a Gossip when your Best friend is A Queen Gossip... Tell me who your friends are i will tell you what you are... Watch and Prune daily The Company You keep
They can make you or break you.

Guard your heart for there lies the issues of life..
Everytime I see another breaking of the day I say Thank you Lord..
Thank You Lord...
Meanwhile coman buy This Jolie Black dress I am accepting God's forgiveness wearing it..

White is Bae..
If you're afraid to fail
Be ready to stay without experience
Experience is Power.. Meanwhile coman and buy your own Jolie White Dress @Havilah.

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