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| HAVILAH |  PERSONAL PAGE • Founder of @truthtotable • Cali Girl • Speaker • Author • Wife • Mom • Friend | 📖

❣️Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows.❣️

🍽 SUNDAY SUPPER | Each month we host our @truthtotable staff over our home for family time. It's one of my favorite things we do as a team. 🥖There's something about breaking bread together, sharing hearts & going for a La Passeggiata (an evening walk in Italy) that makes for a perfect Sabbath. I hope you're having a great Sunday too. ⠀

🍇Charcuterie boards are my favorite meal ever... what's yours?
#sundaysupper #happygirl #truthtribe

🙋🏼‍♀️Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her. - Luke 1:45

👯‍♂️FRIENDS l I’m thinking about doing a podcast series on FRIENDSHIP. Answering questions like: How to I make them?⠀
How do I keep them? ⠀
How do I find good ones? ⠀
Who’s in my tribe? ⠀

💓 Don’t worry. It’s not always easy to find them but it’s also not as complicated as you may think as well. ⠀

🤟🏻So, I’m curious... what are your top question on friendships? If you could ask me anything about them, what would you ask? ⠀
Comment Below👇🏻 [📸My 40th birthday party]

🔥🔥Some women are lost in the fire. So women are built from it.🔥🔥

📖LEGACY l Last week we travelled to a church in North Carolina called @opendoor • The son of the Pastor had been given the church a couple of years ago. In their new building, He displayed all of his dad‘s old Bible’s on his new office wall. All the Bible’s he used to teach all those years. When I walked in his office it took my breath away. Oh the heritage that these Bibles must have contained. I so loved the way he honored his Dad. #honor

⛱ Sometimes you just need to disconnect & enjoy your own company.

✈️HOMEBOUND l It was a whirlwind of a trip but so worth it. Thank you for having me @rivervalleymn at your @sparkle_mn Sisterhood night. It’s was wonderful! Thank you @beccaketterling for graciously hosting me & giving me the honor to minister to your woman. You are a picture of elegance & originality. WEAR THE SHOES! 👠😉 Love you Minnesotans! Until next time SPARKLE ON!! #wordgirl #truthtotable

✨Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives. ✨🙌🏻

✨5 FAVES | Living a whole life is about taking care of yourself - BODY. SOUL. SPIRIT. A lot of Christians fear words like "Self Care" or "Soul Care," but it's a spiritual practice Jesus showed us while on the earth. ⠀

🔑5 Examples from Jesus life. ⠀

▫️Jesus had limitations that He accepted in a relaxed way. ⠀

▫️Jesus human body needed nourishment & rest. ⠀

▫️Jesus had personal needs that he put a priority on — sometimes even over the demands of other people — and he did so without feeling guilty. ⠀

▫️Jesus soul care had to do with separating himself from people to be alone with God. ⠀

▫️Jesus lived in a rhythm of life that not only kept him free from burn out but grace and truth. ⠀

🔑 So, how do we begin to live like Jesus? ⠀

▫️Accept your limitations not merely as a weakness, but as a space to allow others & Christ to be strong. ⠀

▫️Value your need for nourishment & rest. ⠀

▫️Acknowledge you have personal needs & can choose those needs over others demands without guilt. ⠀

▫️Value your time away from others to be entirely with God. ⠀

▫️Commit to staying away from burnout by taking time to be full of God & ministering out of the overflow of your life.


✈️ Someone once told me, “If you travel for work, you should make sure your home & life are something you want to come home to or you’ll find excuses to always be away.” • I’ve worked HARD on this in my own life. • I ask myself hard questions like, “Am I avoiding something?” + “Why do I want to leave?” + “Am I living in the present?” + “Am I owning my own story?” These are just a few things I think about. • If something is bothering me, it shows. I deal with it. Fix it. • I accept full responsibility. • I do my part. • I ask for help. I receive help. • I embrace the “hard things.” I embrace the work. Effort. Struggle. • I learn & try again. I endure. ❓So what are you avoiding today? Is it worth the time to deal with? YOU CAN DO THIS! No, it's not too much.

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