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💋BRAND New Bible Study coming January 22nd. Save the Date. #leapintolove #livingpresenttomypurposeontheplanet

🎄Last night, we celebrated Christmas at home with our @truthtotable staff. I still can't believe it's been only a year! ⠀

🖤It was bittersweet as we said goodbye to some of our family, @itsdustinschultz & @rochellemichelle . They are moving back to Connecticut after finding out a family member has cancer. ⠀

💗The good news is @rochellemichelle will still be apart of our Truth To Table staff, she'll just have to Facetime a little more. 😉⠀

🙌🏻All year long God has continued to communicate his love and care to me through our team. He told me, "I'm going to make this year so smooth so you can transition well." He was true to His word. ⠀

🏡Our team isn't just staff, they've been our family. Everything from Sunday Suppers, a vacation in Mexico, ministry trips & staff retreats. It's been an amazing year! ⠀

#truthtotable #family #merrychristmas

🎄“The son of God became a man to enable men to become sons of God.” - CS Lewis #adeeperchristmas

🎄I’m not sure I could say it better. I love theses women fiercely. Repost @caitlinzick
We laughed until we cried, we celebrated victories from the past year and hopes for the next & we ate really amazing food. Our husbands share something about us around the table and Cole so perfectly shared how he has watched me come to life in so many ways that is accredited much to these women in my life. Wow, I couldn’t agree more. So thankful for friendship and for these powerful women & men in our lives! #friends

💡Sometimes silence is a really good answer. #happythursday

👉🏻Follow @truthtotable for more! Our membership is currently closed right now but this is a shot of our weekly class. 👍🏻
Assignments produce character.

🎄An unplanned pregnancy saved all of us. #adeeperchristmas

💛I’m kind of in love with this picture. 📸 @heatherarmstrongphotography #cunningtoncrew2018 #momoffourboys

🎄Look for Christ & you will find Him. And with Him, everything else. - C.S. Lewis #adeeperchristmas

“Just you being born is evidence that you possess something this generation needs.” #Repost @truthtotable
You are here on purpose.

⚓️ "Jesus, my hope. My savior. The anchor of my soul." #adeeperchristmas

📖Take a moment to read Hebrews 6:18-20 today.

🙏🏻 Today I’m thinking about this truth, “I can’t criticize what I’m not willing to pray for.” Why? The secret is prayer changes our hearts more than anything. It’s hard to criticize anything after we begin to see it through God lens. ⠀

💗 The best part... this works for our marriages, our relationships, our jobs, our families, and everything else. ⠀

👍🏻 Anymore shifting their perspective today?

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