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HAVANA Wellness  Wellness Advocates. Colonics+Cleansing. Hair+Beauty Specialists | Chemical+Ammonia Free |Vegan | ☎️94149368 | 🌏 49 Berrigan Drive, South Lake, Perth.


Time for the switch to low tox products and to enjoy a non-toxic lifestyle? Here we matched the roots to our clients natural colour and blended it down to cover any cheeky white hair. The ends were lightened to brighten up old foiled ends.
Kevin Murphy Hydrate wash and masque were used, finishing off these beautiful silky waves with Young Again serum. Beautiful work by Shenae 💜

Letting go makes space for more of what we love.
RG: @wholisticangel

It's in! It has arrived!
Are you ready to cleanse that colon and draw the mess from within...out? Let's go.

People decide to get colonics because over time something has happened in their life that has affected their digestion. Things aren't balanced.
Guess what? It's very much linked to your emotions, stress and relationships in your life. Emotions also affect what you eat, wouldn't you agree?
Did you know that reflexology on your feet can affect the whole body? We can specifically focus on the colon through your feet, and assist the body to release blockages. Every nerve ending from every part of your body runs through our feet! Over 7000 nerve endings in each foot.

This is one of the best treatments to add to your colonic sessions. Or if you aren't ready for colonics just yet, give reflexology a go. Don't worry, it won't tickle.
Could it be time to book in some reflexology? This month sessions are at 50% off.
It's highly recommended you book sessions of 5.
$100 for 60mins.
$60 for 30mins.

Look what we have in salon! Gorgeous @openheartcollective crystals and high vibe gifts for the soul. Such cute stuff. Come have a browse 😊🛍🛒💕✨☺️😇

It's on for the rest of the month. Yes 50% off with the best superstar therapists ever 😊✅✅✅ They do get booked out but luckily today we have a few appointments available from lunch time!
Call to book from 9am or pm your name, number & email so we can get back to you and book you in. 😘

Having fun on Sunday today at Havana! Come join us after the workshop from 12:30pm for our free shopping event!

Might be time for a makeover?
We offer henna to tint your brow and create the best shape, we then thread, wax, trim, & gently tweeze to perfection. Then we add brow dust to complete the look and fill the space where hair may be missing from brow sins of the past. Let us make you over today. Usually $55, now $27.50.

We are getting ready for you...buying what we need to make plantbased treats and light lunchy nibbles!
Please RSVP today 😘

Come and learn from a personal stylist who can show you how to put together an outfit in just a few minutes that makes you feel fabulous.
A wonderful girls day out for all of you who want to make the most of their existing wardrobe, learn what to add and what to edit, while enjoying some plantbased nibbles and great vibes. Don't forget the pop up shopping! Over 800 items to choose from and nothing over $65.
This Sunday 16th July 11am-2:30pm at Havana.
Tickets through Eventbrite.

#tylertolman has carefully constructed this colon cleanse to effectively attract, absorb and remove stuck mess in your colon and drag it out of the body gently & effectively.

Tyler Tolman's 4 day colon cleanse is a great way to start any cleanse. It draws all the nasties, old fiber less meat, mucous strings from dairy and stuck stuff out of your system (yes parasites). Or you can have it once a day for the 30 days.
You feel amazing after that and it's a great kickstart to reverse any aches/pains/imbalance/ailments you may have within your body. It makes way for nutrition to penetrate and absorb, rather than pass through (which is what is happening with most of us due to years of eating meat, dairy, and unnatural products that stick & block nutrient absorption...hence the general uneducated recommendation for everyone to buy supplements/vitamins).
Give it a go!
Get yourself some colonics before, during and afterwards too.
If you are in Perth, come see the team at Havana Wellness for colonics, massage, far infrared saunas, reiki, and juicing support & coaching.
www.facebook.com/havanawellness $90 AUD and no postage because it's in store. Stock will be replenished in 2 weeks so if you'd like to prepare for this cleanse, call Sarah and book a consult or a colonic to set yourself up for success!

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Many people these days have issues with their thyroid either being Hypo (low function) or Hyper (over active) both of these issues are imbalances and affect our health and overall metabolism (system for regenerating our cells and staying young and fit, this also regulates body temperature and is a factor in weight control.) One of the best foods for the Thyroid just happens to be Mushrooms. Crimini, enoki, oyster, portobello, shiitake or white button—all mushrooms are loaded with essential nutrients and because of their high content of iodine, Vitamin D and many other anti-oxidant qualities.
I have worked with many clients on Thyroxin and other medication for their thyroid and helped them to get off the medication and get everything back in order, My father Don Tolman has had 3 of his clients actually regrow their Thyroid in the last 2 years after having it surgically removed by simply eating 2 cups of mushrooms per day, either lightly cooked or fresh in salads etc.

Did I also just say Vitamin D from Mushrooms?
That’s right, Mushrooms are the highest plant source of vitamin D available. You can actually buy a mushroom kit and grow your own as well and by putting them in the sun before picking them you boost the amount of Vitamin D greatly.

Eating just 3 mushrooms can get you your daily requirement.

Oyster mushrooms are a good source or iron

A study done on mice and published by the American Society for Nutrition found that white button mushrooms (looks like white blood cells) may promote immune function by increasing the production of antiviral and other proteins that are released by cells while they are trying to protect and repair the body’s tissues.
A later study showed that these mushrooms promoted the maturation of immune system cells–called dendritic cells–from bone marrow. According to researchers, this may help enhance the body’s immunity, leading to a better defense systems against invading microbes.

An analysis of seven studies—published last year in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention—showed that the higher the level of selenium, as measured in blood serum, lower the risk of bladder cancer.

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