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  You think you're Elie Saab when you aren't even close to Stefano Gabbana.

Kris Hume
High School has just started and I'm already tired

Do you prefer wearing ponytails or braids?
•He Cong for Blumarine

Do you have a favorite perfume or scent?
- I love the Custo Barcelona fragance

People always think that if you eat anything as a model, it's amazing. I used to tease them and say, you know I'm going to throw up afterwards. ~ Christy Turlington

Are you most excited about winter or autumn coming?
°Mayowa Nicholas for Balmain, literally on fire

"But when you come out as transgender to the world, on a platform, there may be some backlash. People might be violent against me because of something I never chose. That makes me nervous, but I'm really excited to share my story with the world. My optimism outweighs the fear."
Congratulations to Teddy Quinlivan for opening up about this subject, I'm so proud of you

Kaia Gerber is most of times presented as "Cindy Crawford's daughter". Having such an important icon for the fashion industry as a mom can have its advantages like getting work from big brands at a very young age, but it also has some bad points, or at least in my opinion what's happening has a big bad side. Cindy was always known for her sex appeal and bombshell look and people are lately comparing her to Kaia (who is 16 years old). Maybe her face can remind me of Cindy... But their look or work in general is nothing alike and it's normal cause we can't expect Kaia to have a bombshell body when she isn't even considered an adult. The problem is that the industry and media already want her to become the Cindy Crawford of this era, which is nothing strange knowing the preference the fashion world has for very young faces but really, they have to let her grow and learn before making her the main focus at fashion week. God, I've heard more people talking about her debut than about the collections. "The next Cindy Crawford" "The next it-girl" "The next big model" she was nothing special at the shows, she's nothing special in photoshoots. Let her mature and we'll see if she really is worth the fame but stop labeling her as the next big thing from the first editorial she does or runway she walks, she's only a 16 sixteen year old girl and I don't see how magazines can put such a big title to such a new model

I know the industry has changed a lot and it's not fair to compare it to past decades but doesn't it make you sad watching the fashion week shows and not being impressed by barely any pieces? Beautiful outfits, cute skirts, good looking denim clothes... But I can count with my fingers the designs that leave me speechless. It worries me how nowadays fashion isn't concieved as a way of representing art by most of designers and if this doesn't get better and new people with good ideas keep coming the industry will die. I understand that they want to earn money as in the end this is a job and in 2017 different kind of clothes are demanded. Some good changes are happening such as diversity, healthier business and fabrics... but I can't help but feeling emptier every season.

Philipp Plein SS 2018
-I'm all for a rock aesthetic show and collection but this? God, it's a big no! Somehow Philipp P always manages to make his collections look tacky and cheap. With basic stage and "Good gone bad" t-shirts this couldn't get any better, not to talk about the poor choice of hair (what the hell were those long fake braids?) and makeup. Last but not least, the lineup was a big mess and showed a peculiar mix between VS Angels, top models and some random, irrelevant people who didn't even know how to walk down the runway. I had enough fashion for today.

Philosophy or History?
I'm going to study Philosophy for the first time this year and i already got the book, read some parts and I'm very excited about it. I have the feeling I'm going to love this subject

This photo is my phone's background pic, with this I'm already telling you how much I love it
Ajak Deng by Julia Noni, Neiman Marcus

Amanda Wellsh for Vogue Portugal
It's one of the best editions of the magazine nowadays yet underrated. Vogue US wishes.

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