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  You think you're McQueen when you aren't even close to D&G.

I was able to visit Vienna and Prague a week ago and what an experience, such beautiful cities.

I wish Susanne and Lauren were as active in the fashion industry as they used to be, they are such a strong duo

Has any of you watched The Assassination of Gianni Versace or have an opinion on the series?

Do you buy still buy physical books?

Overall, do you think that social media makes people happy or that a society without these apps would be much better as well as the individuals who'd conform it?

Which topic do you enjoy reading the most about?

Did you girls go to school/work yesterday, or decided to join the strike?

Ruth Bell, Porter Mag.

Just watched Saving Private Ryan and wow that movie really is one of a kind, I'm speechless

What did I miss

Well, this year's coming to an end and I don't know if this account is as well. I like to think 2017 has been the best so far cause even if bad things happened, I prefer to focus on the positive side and see how much I've learnt, discovered and grown up in this period of time, as well as met amazing people (y'all know who you are). It's curious how I like my account more than ever -mostly talking about feed, content- yet it is the moment when I feel the less passionate about posting fashion. I don't know if I've come to this point by getting bored of everything coming out lately and having nothing on this industry to look forward to or just focusing a lot of my attention in other things such as music, so I can't really plan my activity on here. Maybe by opening up to you guys, I feel motivated again or maybe I need a break. Either way, be sure I appreciate each one of you and the way you've contributed to make hauteuniverse one of the most special memories ever, may this 2018 be full of joy to you all and always remember that time is the most precious thing so spend it on the people and activities that make you truly happy ❤

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