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Hatta  Managing Director AOXM 👑 Art Of Extreme Movement @AOXMOVEMENT 🎓Bachelor of Creative Arts 🎓Degree in Films & Television 🎓Diploma in Performing Arts

Hi all, AOXM Gym will reopen tomorrow 😊 We will have open sessions starting from 25th May 2018 - 31st May 2018 at ONLY RM 5, yes that's right 🖐 6pm - 12am 🙈 We are taking this time to hear your opinions and suggestions to make our place better. Our classes are also open for registration, classes will commence on 1st June 2018 and will be taking group sessions, private classes and open sessions.

Contact information available at @aoxmovement bio
#AOXM #AtapRooftopCafe #parkour #freerunning #tricking #GYM

Memang betul, semalam van terbang. ✈️ next Cessna Plane on TOP, tunggu Jabatan Kawalan Bangunan MBPJ to approve 🙏🏻 Siapa ada jalan ? 🤣 #Atap #AOXM #VanTerbang ini memang viral nanti 🤪

Choy Sang Yah shy shy🤣🤣

CNY eve most people will be at home cleaning while we spent the day cleaning the gym :) AOXM gym is about 35% complete, since it's clean and clear now. We shall start painting and bringing in all the obstacles, equipments etc. Target to soft launch around mid March while our grand opening hoping to do it on April Fool :D it's not a joke, I hope you guys are getting your updates soon on our @aoxmovement page :D While our cafe will start renovation on March and Sports Clinic to launch around June. Event Management office will be the first to be complete :P Most of the things we do ourselves, except for pipping and wiring. Don't really want to get a shock of our life do we ? :D if you want to help out, you can find out how on AOXM Instagram. Got my number there ;) and the address. Will be getting back my phone on Monday, mean time just Call/SMS/Messenger me

I can’t wait to tell you guys when our rooftop cafe, gym, event management and sports clinic opening but all I can say, thank you so much for all the support 😊

We are working really hard everyday to open the gym and cafe faster 👻 We are making our gym a 24 hours system, Rooftop Cafe which will be handled by @seanlje , Sports clinic (waiting for Yeoh Keng Ian to faster graduate) 😏

I want to welcome a few new partners to AOXM (you know who you are) and the team that has always been there to help out. 6 years ago, We had this idea of a parkour gym, we successfully open our first gym. After a few years we close it down, I went Melbourne to study and now I’m back . I was 18 when we first got together, 19 when we open the gym. 20 got my diploma in performing arts, end of 21 close down the gym. Beginning of 22 study in Australia. 23 got my bachelor of creative arts and my degree in film and television. I wonder what 24 got for me 🙃 #AOXM 👻

Growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional ☺️ last year I got a human size teddy bear from mummy for my birthday 😊 This year mummy up her game 👻 Watch my stories to know what mummy got me for my birthday this year 😆 #2018 My Birthday every year without fail there’s always cute toys and Remote control car 🙃 #notmybirthdayyet but I’m already feeling excited 🙈 #Hatta Need a new phone 😆

How Your Morning Humans 🙈 Exercising ? #PKMY2017 Today is our 10th Parkour Malaysia Annual Jam 👻 Do participate and join the fun 🙃

Being one of the few comedic impromptu emcee in Malaysia, has been really amazing for me. I just want to say, it’s nice to be hosting another event again 😊 I can share some of my jokes on stage, definitely enjoy myself 🙃 FCUC idol 2017 ☺️ I guess talking to the air now, has been my thing 🙈 It’s nice to have a conversation with nobody but yet the conversation is being acknowledged 😊 #FCUC #Emcee #AOXM

Don’t be afraid to fall 😊 You’re Only afraid because you’ve not try 🙃 #AOXM it’s fun falling sometimes 👻

I’ve been waiting for this moment, it’s finally happening for reals. Hope to get your support 😊 Stay Tuned for general updates and how you can help us out ! @aoxmovement #AOXM #aoxmgym #aoxmcafe #aoxmevents #aoxmstudio #aoxmsportsclinic
We will be introducing 5 businesses to the New AOXM Project:
AOXM Gym, AOXM Rooftop Cafe, AOXM Events, AOXM Sports Clinic & AOXM Studio 👻 I wanna welcome all our new partners onboard , sponsors and investors 💪🏼 Let’s all be Awesome 👻

Hallux Valgus 😢 If you’re having it, get fixed before it’s too late, just found out I’m having it for the past 3months And I’ve been struggling to go exercise because of the pain of my big toe. if you’re always wearing shoes, Just check if your toe is straight and not going sidewards. Besides that i can almost say that the pain is subsiding 👻 #AOXM #Parkour #Malaysia #flipping

Thank you for coming yesterday 👻 We shall update again when we are Opening our Air Mat 😊 Even when we have it, we don’t open it everyday. So it’s really special even for us when it’s open 🤣 Follow @aoxmovement for all the updates ☺️ new stuffs coming up soon 👻 #AOXM #RBC #Raceforthekids #airtrack #gymnastics

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