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Cassidy Freeman  Cady Longmire on LONGMIRE @netflix 🔥 Tess Mercer on SMALLVILLE 🔥 team member of @cortezfilm 🔥 believer in LOVE ❤️🧘🏼‍♀️🌈📿

To know her is to love her.
This is what spending time with my dear friend and mentor @louanne_stephens is like.
Every. Time.
She is a well of wisdom, an open kind heart and forever a curious child. I love her. She’s new to instagram, so let’s follow her courageous spirit ❤️🌟 #Longmire

I didn’t grow up around a lot of women...I was graced with many awesome brothers and uncles...so I’ve been crafting my sisterhood consciously, and I’ve learned that we are fuller, brighter, more loving and more capable when we hold each other up 🙌🏼 💛 I got your back, grrrrl.

They’re all over the place like a zoo of them were set free...feel them, own them, express them (safely and with people you trust).
You are not alone.
Whether they have to do with the environment 🌎🔥 our political situations 🤯 or personal growth and acceptance 🙌🏼 once we can identify them and not identify WITH them...we can dig into healing and progress. This new moon🌙 might be the perrrrfect time to let some things go 🌬and invite the magic to come 🌱✨🦍 I ROAR WITH YOU

When she graces venice beach, Lucy and I go hard: blue lagoon style 💙🥥🍋🌱

The things I’m grateful for are so numerous, I had to see some of them upside down to fit them all in 🤸🏼‍♀️☀️🙃 missed you, pacific 🌊💙 ••••••••••••••• 📷: @kstabiner

I’m coming home to cuddle all these puppies 👣👣🐾😍 #CassTheAuntSass #ShastaLovesCarpet

On the last day of #PlasticFreeJuly I want to share with you what I take to set with me so I make sure I’m doing the best I can when it comes to single use trash and plastic! 🌏 reusable coffee/tea cup ☕️
🌏 my trusty metal water bottle 🌏 super lightweight metal food containers in multiple sizes that nest to save space AND the earth! These also help me eat what I want rather than ALL the donuts 🍩 🌏 metal straw 🌏 my bamboo utensils in their nifty travel sleeve (knife/fork/spoon/chopsticks) 🌏 mason jar (which might be overkill but I just don’t feel complete without one)

Doing these things DOES makes a difference when we all do the best we can ❤️🌏👏🏼😎

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD!! ❤️He’s one of the most badass muthas I know...as is exemplified by this catalog worthy candid in a wetsuit, serendipitously taken next to a white picket fence. I love you, dad! You’re so brave, generous, worldly, talented and funny...and your laid back Colombo style transitions to ocean attire seamlessly 👏🏼🌊😎

Frame for frame, one of my favorite bowling teams....ever 🎳 #Righteous💎

This photo equally creeps me out and makes me happy 😃 #JoJoLovesRollers #Righteous💎

The bridge. A physical manifestation of the moment. Right now. The short bit between that which you left and where you are going. This bridge has brought me a lot of joy this month in the south. So have those clouds ⛅️So has the moment. 💎🌱

What, lady on the treadmill, we’re being too LOUD FOR YOU? come join the party and get loud with us! #Righteous💎 #WeGotScolded #circuitparty #Repost @tonycavalero with @get_repost

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