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#LAW15 If you know then you know 💯

You gotta be your own motivation sometimes, if you can’t push yourself to get the job done nobody can. Happy Monday everybody lets get to it 💯 #VipLaX #ThatsTheWave

Tonight we’re at @lejardin_la wit special guest @boobygang and my man @allen_and_associates_ent , get at me now for guest list or bottle service. Bottle service highly recommended if you want to be in the mix of things it’s gonna be a crazy night 💯😉🎥 #VipLaX #ThatsTheWave #RTPGroup #BoobyGang

This Saturday in Sac from 1-3 come pull up and get your @blakethebeast__ fight tickets as well as a day of fun with the @playmakerselite fam and @dj_eddie_z on the 1’s and 2’s 💯💪🏾 #VipLaX #ThatsTheWave #TBT #ChampLife

Get at me if you’re tryna pull up tonight, bottle service preferably for the fellas and ladies need to meet me by 1130 #TapIn #VipLaX #ThatsTheWave

Happy hump day to all my fellow hustlers, movers, and shakers. Stay on your grind and committed to a greater purpose and things will eventually fall into place. Some people have to work a little bit harder and it might take a little but longer, but you earned it so you’ll appreciate it just a little bit more 💯💪🏾 #VipLaX #ThatsTheWave #StayDownTillYouComeUp #NoDaysOff #TMC

I totally understand 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

It’s a difference huh? Everyone who knows me knows I’m about growth and building business from the ground up, and If we’ve rocked together 9 times out of 10 we’ve done business together. Even the people that hate me love me and I get it, sometimes I ain’t shit . But I bet them feelings hit a little different as you notice they don’t make em like this no more 💯 #Facts #LetsWork #WhenIEatWeAllDo #EveroneCantSayThat

Your foundation has to be solid to weather the storm, all the extra shit isn’t necessary. Stay focused on your goal and don’t stop until you reach it, ain’t no trickin on nothin I can do without it’s time to run this shit all the way up. Same game just a new approach, back on my me shit this other shit looks good but has no substance that’s a fact 💯 #VipLaX #ThatsTheWave

Tonight pull up to the @thepeppermintclub we got a dope line up up for you, show time is 10:50 so I’ll be seeing you shortly 💯

I’m not puttin nobody on any shows, radio interviews , or anything if you’re not promoting “YOUR” brand 10x’s harder than me. Now days artist are lazy as fuck how do I out hustle the talent, that’s weird to me. Oh my bad you’re that good I forgot 🤦🏽‍♂️ #GTFOH Once I have my credentials for this next move it’s a wrap 💯 #VipLaX #ThatsTheWave

Tomorrow at @thepeppermintclub we goin all the way in tickets in bio 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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