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Hatake Jyo  Nice to meet you~ (*´╰╯`๓)♬ Just a cosplayer and bjd owner from Singapore 🇸🇬

Mishka, it's been awhile ❤️ #bjd #abjd #doll #balljointeddoll #migidoll #migidollvampireell

New hair for Miyu, I always wanted him to have a helmet head ❤️😂 it's so cute even though I did a terrible trimming job.

Manabu has such a cute little face (˙◁˙ )パァ I've just cleared up my messy doll wardrobe, and definitely I've been neglecting my MSDs ;w; time to order some new clothes for them. Problems when you keep buying SD clothes.. #bjd #abjd #doll #balljointeddoll #luts #lutsdoll #lutsbjd #bory #lutsBory

;> happy Friday from Merlin

Flower power! It's been a pretty long time since I played with Merlin. 🌸

Maya in brown ॑⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝⋆*

Marco's got that pink little nose, and I've got a big red nose. (´-ι_-`) we both rudolph I guess ahahah

Say hi to the family ❤️ new family photo. It was a disaster trying to take it because the natural light started going away and it rained.. Plus I realized I didn't have enough clothes for everyone to be dressed to the nines so. They're just wearing whatever they have :x but yeap here's my current collection (any others excluded are dolls I have decided to sell/sold alrdy ><) are any of them your favourites? ^^/ ill do my best to take more photos of them and bring them for outings! Here's to 2019! #bjd #abjd #dolls #balljointeddoll #imtoolazy

Very happy to announce that my precious princess came home after a long time away! She was away for a new faceup ❤️ Maya is home ❤️ GOD I LOVE HER SWEET FACE SO MUCH. I'll prob want to get her eyes with larger diameter though! #bjd #abjd #doll #balljointeddoll #huajingdoll #lolita

<Like this pic to die instantly>
...JK it's 2019 we in for good feels, only sad feels will die. Survive. WIN. you've got it.

Throwwwwwback to last year's shoot.. Have a Synny :> photo and edits by Rikk (love u baby)

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