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Hassan El-Tayyab  Singer/Songwriter and Peace Activist

Muddy Waters Jr at the Glenwood arts fest! #gotmymojoworking #muddywaters #blues

Gyungbok Palace in Seoul! #seoul #Gyungbok

This place has Seoul! #badjoke #seoul

I'll miss these folks and so many others! Jumping on the plane for Seoul now. Chicago after that. #japan #exploring #headinghome

I just left Gensuiken's powerful closing ceremony in Nagasaki marking the 73rd anniversary of the atomic bombing there. I gave some remarks and sang a song about peace at the rally in front of 1,800 people. Wowzers. A survivor of Chernobyl came up to me and said thank you for my words. She had never heard an American apologize for the nuclear attack on Japan. I was surprised by that. Anyway, I'm on the bus now heading to Fukuoka for my last night in Japan. Just as the jet lag was wearing off. 😉 Feeling a mix of emotions. Im sad to be leaving this wonderful place and grateful for all my new friends and grateful I got to be here for this incredible experience. I'm also feeling determined to do whatever I can so nuclear weapons are never used again. #japan #exploring #headinghome

We got to take the afternoon off yesterday so I did some exploring. Here is a 1,000 year old shrine I saw on Miyajima Island. Wow! #miyajima #dayoff #exploring #japan

"Peace is being able to smile naturally
Peace is everyone and yourself being happy
Peace is a future with hopes and dreams" - 6th grade child representatives speaking at the Hiroshima ceremony

Our delegation had the honor of leading the Gensuiken peace march today in Hiroshima! My heart if full. ❤️ #peace #japan #hiromashima #neveragain #nonukes

This is called Breadcrumbs. It's about letting go and leaving the door open for the people you love.

I'm finally in Japan after 17 hours of flying and a 10 hour layover in Seoul. It was all worth it for this warm welcome by Olive and ChikaIshii. ❤️🙏

Peace Action has arrived in Seoul! Next stop Osaka! #peace #seoul #japan @masspeaceaction @peace.action

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