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Hasan  Hi I'm Hasan and I'm from Istanbul, Turkey living in Chicago. I'm confused in almost every aspect of life but I'm getting a hang of it! iPhone only 📱

Today, someone who I have been in the same school with for 11 years and yet couldn't really talk much with gave me the time of my life. Destiny is a funny thing; after so long I could've never imagined Asena would become such a dear friend and inspiration of mine and she would one day drop me off by my home with her car!
Best of luck in Italy; not that you need it, because I know you will do great as you always have. #watchoutworld

Hoping for a bit of rain like 🙏🏻😅 It was so hot today, I sweated out all my toxins just by standing out for a minute.

A feline representation of how I feel now that the #heatwave has hit #Istanbul. This week is gonna be meowthot. #thatpundidntworkdidit

After taking this pic, I immediately checked my clothes to make sure I wasn't covered in #birdpoop, though it is considered a sign of good luck here.

Ignore what I said in my last post! I biked about 14 miles to get to @schwarzenegger's house where he was born, and I felt stronger already after the exhausting trip. I chugged a bottle of water in his honor, though I know I should've brought a #proteinshake... 💪🏻If you keep going up the hill in his village, you'll end up in St. Jacob's Church, which is the most futuristic, aquatic, Spongebob-ey place of worship I have ever seen

And finally, #Hallstatt! My trip to #Austria has taught me two important things; 1) I am most productive and meditative when I am #traveling, and it is something I wish to be doing a lot more in the future, and 2) that I am also quite #procrastinating, since there are so many photos that I took that I should have put here waaaaay before! One day I'll upload them when I feel a deep #nostalgia for this land. Now back to #Istanbul!

The most obvious message you will get while strolling through #Salzburg: #Mozart was here, and so was #JulieAndrews. #Nice is said to be the city of fine arts, and I guess here is the city of music.

After the French invaded Graz, they began destroying parts of the city beginning with the walls. When it came to the clocktower, Grazians (?) begged them to keep it intact and paid them money for this purpose. #Sad.

Graz: Austria's second largest city with a downtown in UNESCO World Heritage List and five universities, the most Western point the Ottomans could reach before Vienna, and also where a drunk guy mooned @niluferz.f and me while we were biking back home at night 😐🇦🇹

Decided to crash a Styrian beer party but there was no way for me to blend in by wearing leather shorts, woolen socks and a vest in the middle of the summer. The tiny man in the second pic was my reaction to everything happening around me... *gets confused in German*

When I'm traveling in Europe (especially in Central and Eastern parts), I sometimes get this strange feeling because of my ethnicity. You see, the Ottoman Empire was quite present in this part of the continent, and even though this was centuries ago, I think there is a complicated relationship between Turkey and Europe because of this history. Back in the day, mothers here used to send their kids to sleep by saying Turks would come eat them if they didn't go to bed, Luther said Turks were God's punishment for the corruption in Christendom, and many more details come to my mind. In Vienna, my cousin let me know that the main bell of St. Stephen's Cathedral was made from the captured Turkish cannons after the failed Second Siege of Vienna, and it has reliefs of victory, topped with "heads of Turks." Obviously this amount of Turkophobia doesn't exist anymore, but I think the stereotype is still there among some people, which I find quite funny.
A day later, I met my cousin's Italian friend and asked her about the saying "fumare como un turco" (smoking like a Turk, as in smoking way too much), and she confirmed that it exists. I guess the moral of the story is, history is a funny thing, more than textbook material and who did what, and it affects our daily lives more than we like to think. But anyway Vienna is a nice city! #nerdmodeoff

Wien ist so schön... and so is the Opera building, which I've been calling in my head as "the one where Tom Cruise jumped out of" ever since the last Mission Impossible movie. 🇦🇹

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