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Hasan  Hi I'm Hasan and I'm from Istanbul, Turkey living in Chicago. I'm confused in almost every aspect of life but I'm getting a hang of it! iPhone only 📱

ارقداش// Аркадаш

It’s been 7 years...

Mood for 2018. It’s like Aurelius said.

Me looking into the world in New Year (aka Spatial Construction No. 12 by Alexander Rodchenko) and all it entails with a spontaneous Mona Lisa smile.
May you have a wonderful year full of #health (first and foremost) and #joy and #love etc. etc. but most importantly without any #procrastination! Seriously, one of my biggest regrets this year has been wanting to do many things but being too timid or lazy to accomplish them and then ending up regretting my #regrets. I have decided to be braver in my quest to conquer my hesitant self in personal endeavors and procrastinate on procrastinating, if that’s even a thing. And hey, if I can’t start off the Gregorian year right, I’ll just adapt myself to a different calendar 😉

#MerryChristmas #merrychrysler or whatever floats your boat!

Look at all the people who have heard my very own rendition of Nessun Dorma. No, please Turandot’nt. Get it? Okay.

i don’t know

the little turk

Today, someone who I have been in the same school with for 11 years and yet couldn't really talk much with gave me the time of my life. Destiny is a funny thing; after so long I could've never imagined Asena would become such a dear friend and inspiration of mine and she would one day drop me off by my home with her car!
Best of luck in Italy; not that you need it, because I know you will do great as you always have. #watchoutworld

Hoping for a bit of rain like 🙏🏻😅 It was so hot today, I sweated out all my toxins just by standing out for a minute.

A feline representation of how I feel now that the #heatwave has hit #Istanbul. This week is gonna be meowthot. #thatpundidntworkdidit

After taking this pic, I immediately checked my clothes to make sure I wasn't covered in #birdpoop, though it is considered a sign of good luck here.

Ignore what I said in my last post! I biked about 14 miles to get to @schwarzenegger's house where he was born, and I felt stronger already after the exhausting trip. I chugged a bottle of water in his honor, though I know I should've brought a #proteinshake... 💪🏻If you keep going up the hill in his village, you'll end up in St. Jacob's Church, which is the most futuristic, aquatic, Spongebob-ey place of worship I have ever seen

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