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#JONNIO  ◽️Jonathan 🇬🇧 + Ennio 🇻🇪 ◽️Married Homos 👯‍♂️ ◽️Space Lizard Queens 🦎 👸🏼

Happy birthday to the unmovable object of my unstoppable force. Your smile lights my days and your farts perfume my evenings. I love you.

Don’t you hate when your glasses get all wet?

Great selfie light down here 🤳

Maybe we started 2019 a little tipsy. Maybe we’ll stay tipsy the whole year. Love the community we have created here, you’re all great and unique in your own special ways. In 2019 this account is gonna see much less activity as we shift into personal accounts because we’re getting a divorce. Jk, we are focusing on our own personal projects and as much as we love #Jonnio the fact that we show skin and tag appropriately means reaching new people has been much harder recently. So, since the alpha mums won, and the Internet is now a censored place, we’ll be moving new content to new accounts. Stay tuned and all that. Love u.

Good bye 2018. You were a rollercoaster. But at least some people liked us shirtless 🤷🏽‍♀️

Merry Crimbo you junkie whores!

Coming from Daddy Klaus with this #tummytuesday

Monday glamour.

Good morning, kids. Your dads love you. Eat your vegetables, summon Satan, and do your homework. ☀️

Jonny’s living his #gaymergirl truth with our new Nintendo Switch

“Would you date a Goblin, and other horror stories for elven children”

Good morning, happy Monday, have a great week. Don’t forget to check for spontaneously sprouted back legs! 🕷

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