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#impact with Regina Larko  🎧#impact Podcast|Interviews featuring inspiring social impact&sustainability initiatives|REAL.HONEST.FUN.Produced in 852🇭🇰 Presented by Regina Larko💁🏻


That moment when iTunes 🇭🇰decides that your Podcast is #newandnoteworthy 🎉This is soooo exciting! 🎉 Watch out BBC, #impactPodcast is coming! 😉#yay #impactsmile #impactpodcast #fridaymood #itunes🎧

Meet Jamie. “Believe in yourself” she shares in our latest #impactpodcast episode. Advice she would give her younger self.

Hear the full story about her impactful work supporting teenagers struggling with depression and find out why we are excited about more social innovation ahead when we visit Hong Kong’s new social innovation hub @dreamimpacthk 🎧Listen here: (link in bio) https://www.hashtagimpact.com/podcast42-social-innovation-in-hong-kong/

Photo Credit: @imjamiechiu

#justsaying ☺️ Happy Monday you all! May this week be a really great and inspiring one for you. We kicked our week off with an early morning meeting with Tyrolean/HK vibes with the lovely Belinda @dimsumjungle and you will hear more from her soon. Stay tuned. We’ve got some exciting new updates coming your way so watch this space 😉 #happymonday #mondaymood

‼️NEW EPISODE‼️Follow us to a buzzing community event at Dream Impact @dreamimpacthk , a new social innovation hub in Hong Kong where Regina bumped into Dr Jamie Chiu @imjamiechiu , one of our featured guests of Season 1 of #impact Podcast. 🎧Listen at https://www.hashtagimpact.com/podcast42-social-innovation-in-hong-kong/ (link in bio)

🤩AAAHHH!!! So excited about sharing more stories of our growing #impact Podcast community & family. Kicking off the New Year with Episode 42 „More social innovation ahead“ featuring @imjamiechiu and @dreamimpacthk
#impactsmile #impactpodcast 🎧Listen at https://www.hashtagimpact.com/podcast42-social-innovation-in-hong-kong/ (link in bio😉👍)

Samantha stepped out of her comfort zone and THIS is what she learned. 📰Read it here: https://www.hashtagimpact.com/podcastblog-stepping-out-of-your-comfort-zone/
(link in bio)
Thanks so much for sharing your #volunteering experience at #crossroadsfoundation @aloysiussam ❤️

‼️NEW EPISODE‼️ Get ready for the New Year with 5 things social entrepreneurs taught Regina about making a difference #boldgoals
🎧Listen at https://www.hashtagimpact.com/podcast41-five-things-social-entrepreneurs-taught-me-about-making-a-difference/ (link in bio)

🌲❤️Most wonderful time of the year - especially when you get to spend it with your families in Europe 🌲❤️ Happy Holidays you all! #magical #xmas

What could everyone do right now to make the world a better place? We loved this answer from @rooftop_republic Co-Founder Pol Fabrega.
Find more ideas in our 8 minute Christmas Special. Listen here: https://www.hashtagimpact.com/podcast40-ideas-what-everyone-could-do-right-now-to-make-the-world-a-better-place/ (link in bio) #happyxmas🎄

Guess which #impact Podcast episode is our most popular so far? It‘s Lavine‘s! In Episode 11, @lavinehemlani Co-Founder of Accelerate @acceleratedhk shared all about his Socially aligned Coding Bootcamp with our listeners. We are excited to catch up with his students early next year to hear about the impact the programme had on their lives. Head over to https://www.hashtagimpact.com/podcast11/ to hear #impact Podcasts most popular episode in 2017 🇭🇰🎉 #happycoding #coding

‼️NEW EPISODE‼️Give us 8 minutes of your time to hear 8 ideas to make our world a better place. In this short Christmas Special, #impact Podcast guests let us in on 8 small ways to change the world. 🌲❤️Sit back, relax and enjoy. 🎧Listen at https://www.hashtagimpact.com/podcast40-ideas-what-everyone-could-do-right-now-to-make-the-world-a-better-place/ (link in bio)
Featuring @handsonhongkong @rooftop_republic @swapitla @soinsogood @roomtoreadhk @imjamiechiu @celia__bs #happychristmas

We can’t agree more with Zoe Chan, Founder @happeriod and Julie Kjaer, CEO of @rubycup
IT’S TIME TO SMASH THE TABOO and start talking openly about menstruation and our bodies. Not only with women – this conversation has to include men as well. Find out why in this interview. #nomoretaboo
https://www.hashtagimpact.com/podcastblog-smashing-the-menstruation-taboo-empowering-women-through-education/ (link in bio!)

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