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Gareth Evans  Global brand ambassador Absolut Elyx 🍸

Finally getting home after close to a month away, and it has been a blast. To show how much I enjoyed it, here's a picture of me looking grumpy and pretending to know about all the bartending things. "Hmm yes, ice, indeed. This is what they use in drinks, I've seen them do that." 🤷🏻‍♂️
Thanks to everyone I've met for the first time, seen again, made friends with, made drinks for, those attending trainings, tastings, launches, pop ups, or events, and all those that helped me shout about @absolutelyx around the world. Happy holidays, Skål and remember that #coppermakesitbetter!
#grumpy #smilingontheinside #hongkong #bangkok #lasvegas #losangeles #ibroughtmyownice #mixlology #impostersyndrome #elyxboutique #popup #coppertunityknocks

Disco Bao! Happy 2nd birthday you guys, really glad I got the chance to celebrate with you. #happybirthday #discobao #hongkong #bigbottle #coppermakesitbetter

This might be the prettiest martini ever, served in the HK outpost of one of my favourite bars ever. I'm pretty happy with my Saturday at the moment. Also very nice of them to copper up the bar for me. #martini #birdseyeview #hongkong #drinkporn #coppermakesitbetter

Every time I come to HK I need to make a trip to Kau Kee. It always has a huge line, it's kind of a shithole, they are hilariously rude and if you're there longer than 5 minutes they get really shouty. However, the beef brisket noodles from here are probably in my top 5 meals ever. I've sent so many people here over the years i feel like I should get the Kau Kee equivalent of a Nandos black card tbh. Anyway - If you are in Central and don't come here you're insane. Or, you know, a vegetarian and stuff. #youpaynow #beefbrisketnoodles #streetfood #Hongkong #pilgrimmage #coppertunityknocks

Had the pleasure of talking with @aliaime at the launch of our HK @absolutelyx boutique about vodka, Sweden, cocktails, and a number of other things that I can't tell you about because they were in Cantonese. I heard my name and the word copper in there a couple of times so I'm going to assume everyone was being very nice.
Here I am demonstrating a cocktail while she politely pretends not to notice I have my name tag on upside down. I'm such a pro. #iremembersinatraoncetoldme #onetakeevans #thatswhattheycallme #copperloadofthis #elyxboutique #hongkong #popup #cocktails #vodka #coppermakesitbetter

Chinese food and natural wine, don't knock it til you've tried it. At which point you won't knock it. #foxwine #localandseasonal #friedeverything #mgoy #coppertunityknocks

Thanks Bangkok! It's been a very short trip, in fact so short I didn't actually get a chance to leave the hotel, but when the view from my room looks like this I think I'll survive. Thank you to the staff of @lebua.no3 and @lebuahotelsresorts in general for making me feel so welcome, I'll be back very soon to see what the next insanely ambitious project you undertake is. Skål! #vodka #openingnight #bangkok #coppermakesitbetter

Somehow @mrkomes7 seems to pop up wherever I am, and tonight is no exception - we are in the same hotel in Bangkok and so we managed to get a drink at the launch of @lebua.no3. Thanks to @dp_bar for the amazing @absolutelyx drinks and hospitality, and thank you to my shirt for bringing the NOISE. #launchparty #shirt #thatshirtcray #coppermakesitbetter

Ready for my first day in Bangkok! Really excited to be involved in the grand opening of @lebua.no3 - the highest place in the world to get an @absolutelyx martini! Moday I'll be meeting the bar team and working on some new drinks, as well as talking to them about all things copper and Swedish. Skål! #viewsfordays #balconygoals #vodkabar #lebuano3 #bmgmsm #coppermakesitbetter

First @absolutelyx martini in Thailand and its a blinder, helped massively by the fact it is still 25 degrees at midnight and I'm at an open air bar on the 64th floor. I'm reliably informed this is where the filmed The Hangover, but I'm up at 6am tomorrow so happy to remain a one-man wolfpack tonight and this martini will be plenty. #moviefacts #wolfpack #martini #views #jetlag #coppermakesitbetter

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