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Hashirama!  Hi! I'm Hashirama, First Hokage, Founder of the leaf village, Grandfather of Tsunade! And the proud best friend of Madara! ....or not... (instajutsu)

@sasuke_uchiha_instajutsu ((Sorry, my parents are making me get rid of my instagram app. I won't be in instajutsu anymore... sorry. :( ))

[[I will be gone most of this week, sorry..]]


"I think I should have killed this man when I had the chance...."

((Hashirama....)) "Be....Motivated!" ((....it sucks when your grounded...Something that reminded me of Hashirama's attitude! >.<))

Hashirama frowned. The kyuubi, taken over by Madara's sharingan was rampaging close to the village.... Madara himself was blasting fire left and right. Hashirama stopped for a second to sulk, 'My Trees!!!', before concentrating again. "Madara, I swear I'll stop you, AND the nine tails!"

"Hmm.." Hashirama crossed his arms, and stood. ((Kawaii Teen Madara and Hashirama!))

"We will stop this war. Together."

"Madara....stop staring at my wife..."

"Please vote, if you think me worthy!" (( XD ))

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