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everybody rushing to celebrate john mccain today should remember that he successfully got us to spend $80bn in discretionary spending for the military earlier this week. a fraction of that annual expense could make public universities free. but no, that's the bad kind of socialism, the kind that helps americans instead of bombing yemeni weddings.

children are the future @nojumper

extremely "he's a rescue, but i like to think, he rescued me..." photo

back on my old shit

hbd @willardneff also swipe right for a gift everyone can enjoy which will be featured in my latest addressing Tonya Lasagna's new climate change diss.

donald trump always finds a way to make everything abt himself. watch the full video on my fb.

some economic reasons for why @willardneff and i agree on why an end to #daca is just cruel and unusually racist.

when she says may 1st is the og labor day recognized throughout the world except the us canada and south africa even tho the movement started in the us in the 1800s w the fight for an 8 hour work day.

the boys have grown

standing against hatred is not unamerican, it's unamerican to stay silent in the face of it.
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