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Hasan DanDan  Unfortunately/Fortunately Saudi 23 Years Old/Young.

اتشرف بدعوتكم لحضور حفل زفافي وتناول وجبة العشاء يوم الخميس ليلة الجمعة (٢٨ ربيع الثاني) الموافق ( 26th of January ) وذلك في قاعة الاحساء للافراح والمناسبات ، حضوركم شرف لنا

This trip was our way to say congratulation to our nephews @feras_dan @3dnan40403 @qusaydandan for their graduation, High five 👋🏻🌴

بملكة اختي 🎈
I wish her eternal happiness 🌹

Best memories ☝🏻️

Eating like an animal, Working out like an athlete 💪🏻

Carrying GOLD ✨🍅

At forchetta restaurant.. 🍕🍝

Epiiic !

في زفاف الاخ د: ايمن الحميد..

مع الشيوخ في زفاف الاخ الدكتور/ ايمن الحميد.
Wishing him a happy ever after 🌴

Find out what gives you JOY and JUST DO IT !
Throw all that chaos & ish in the Oocean 🇧🇭🌴

"Many critical issues are facing the Ministry of Health and the new minister as we go through a transformation of healthcare: - More Equitable distribution of services geographically within the kingdom, with focus on underserved regions.
-Enhancement of the quality of care and service delivery / Reducing malpractice.
-Build patient confidence in the health care system and decrease treatment abroad.

Of course, Tremendous opportunities exist for our healthcare system to make additional progress in health and wellbeing, however:

A healthcare system can't be divorced all of a sudden.
It is crucial to embrace the notion that world class health means more than world class hospitals, the greatest asset for health are between the ears." What do you think about the future of our healthcare system?
#health_2030 #vision_2030 #healthcare_leadership

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