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This sums up The Siblings Modine pretty well, reckless abandon Helena, covered in dirt, Wylder commenting and cautious.

Wylder took this picture and I love it.

Wylder vs deer. How to Earth Day with the Modines.

Making muffins w POz and KJ. The. Best.

Helena took Walter’s apple. Millennials, am I right? #thefutureisfemale #stronggirls #letthemeatdirt #thehappynow #organickids #organiclife

“How To Thursday” by the Siblings Modine .

Welp, I can check fostering pigs off the list of things I never thought I’d do in this life. Welcome to the farm, Walter and Taio. #fosteringpigs #iamcrazy

Woman, you felt it when you woke up at 2am. Maybe it was sparked by complicated feelings about strikes on Syria. Maybe it was that your step-dad had a hard and painful week with his cancer treatment and it just sucks. Maybe you need more sunshine. Maybe you’re just tired. All those things were true yesterday. And they’ll be true again tomorrow. Because life. But unlike a year ago at this time, you didn’t let the fog own you. You knew it would pass if you took care of you. So you said its name out loud. And you committed to letting it run its course - on a tight leash held by you. And then you showed up. You got out. You braved Costco. You cleaned out your refrigerator. You put on dark lipstick. You doubled up on your vitamins. You walked in the woods and admired the blooming trillium. You lifted weights. You took some CBD. You hugged your kids and your husband. You sang out loud in the car. And you’re ending this day on your own terms, because you are stronger than some asshole chemicals triggered by asshole situations that are out of your control. You are always strongest when you do you. Now give yourself a hug, Woman, you earned it. You are a god damned warrior queen, slaying any mental health dragon who dares to breathe fire on your vibe. ✌🏻 .
#depression #strongwoman #ppd #momlife #workingmom #mentalhealth #ironmaiden #honestmotherhood #perfectionisboring

It’s pouring outside so I’m fantasizing about the desert and recreationally surfing Redfin for houses in Joshua Tree. Come at me, spring!

Day date in an infrared sauna with my beloved - kind of amazing, you guys! You should try it!!! ❤️❤️

May the woman this baby will become always take up space in the room the way she owns her king-sized bed.

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