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”it is well with my soul” was my grandmother’s favorite hymn. she would sing it to me when i was a child. lately, i’ve been trying to figure out when exactly my innocence disappeared. when did i lose myself? when did i begin deceiving people? when did i start hurting those who loved me? last night, as i sang my grandmother’s favorite hymn with hundreds of people and cried uncontrollably, my answer came to me. i had abandoned my faith in something bigger than myself. the control-freak in me had led me astray. but last night, my crippling anxiety went away. my heart felt warm, and at peace. in this new season of my life, i’m stepping out of my own way. to be honest with myself, and to be honest with you. my soul feels new, and finally connected to the kid i used to be. it is well.

if you don’t vote the country could collapse and cole will have to stop filming to fend off beasts with a crossbow which would not be fun after a few days

In my head. In the clouds. In #mycalvins. @calvinklein x @amazonfashion “together in denim”amazon.com/mycalvins

dive inside my mind (link in bio)

i’ve graced the front of a magazine for the very first time
publication: @ico_n
photographer: @stevenchee
fashion direction: @charlotte__stokes
grooming: @didusting
feature: @jessicalouisebailey
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one year ago I weighed 143 lbs. one year ago I was working for postmates and sometimes the only way I was able to eat was when the person didn’t come to the door or cancelled the order and I was able to keep the meal for myself (shoutout to postmates, thank you for having this policy you saved my life many nights). but then one year ago I booked riverdale and my life completely changed. today I weigh 165 lbs and am no longer starving. (also thank you @alexfine44, @valerinading, and @julian_chua for kicking my ass the past few months. and thank you for showing me that fitness is a lifestyle, not something you just do when it’s convenient)

a peaky blinder at heart
thank you for having me last night @netflix

tonight I was sitting in the back of an uber, stopped in traffic on the 101, when this car slammed into us. i had never been in a car crash before. life immediately feels different. give someone a big hug and a big kiss. consciousness is precious.

happy birthday to felicity shagwell

last night was Bazaar

eyes closed!

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