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wow I haven't posted in weeks and I feel like I just shouldn't ever again because I am oh so irrelevant omg. so um I might be posting another fanfic maybe? Idk idk idk idk I'm so irrelevant I still have to use hashtags to get likes HA HA hA Ha ha { #harrystyles #onedirection }

This is too sweet. Sorry bri I snuck on ur account #harrystyles #1dpreference #1dpreferences #imagine1d #onedirection #1d #babylux

Liam's POV
I haven't seen Karmin in two weeks but I have seen a lot of Danielle. She extended her trip to hang out with me more. I realized how much I missed Danielle but not in the way you would think. I enjoy her company but we have a different connection now. It's more platonic and sisterly. I couldn't stop thinking about Karmin though. She wouldn't answer any of my texts or calls. Danny wouldn't give me any information either. 3 weeks went by which turned into 6 mos. I left the college to go back to work. Six months turned into two years. I hadn't forgotten about Karmin. She still crossed my mind but I had the boys and 2 tours to distract me. Today we were heading to the studio in LA to record the single for album number 5. Paul said it was room 3 we were supposed to be in buy he was wrong because in that room was another artist. She was in the booth playing a guitar and singing in Spanish. I would've immediately closed the door and left but something glued me to that spot. The way the girls fingers flew across the Instrument reminded me of someone. She looked up and I nearly choked on my spit. It was Karmin. She looked just as surprised as I was. She stopped in the middle of her song, "um can we take 5 guys?" She took off the headphones and rested the guitar on the stand. "Hi" she grumbled. This wasn't the Karmin I remembered. "That was beautiful. I always told you you had skills" I said beaming. She crossed her arms and growled a "thanks". "Karmin aren't you happy to see me at all? It's been what? Two years? How have you been? Obviously you're doing great I mean look where you are! In a recording studio making a song!" I cheered. She continued to look at me with an irritated look on her face. (More below)

Part 10
Karmin's POV
Liam and I's fight shook me up a little and I was in no mental state to try to write now so I took a break. Coffee always helped me think. The warmth always soothed me. I grabbed my purse and cell and walked out. I texted Danny and told her to meet me at the nearest coffee shop. "Hey girl!!" Danny greeted me with a hug. "Hey.." I mumbled. "Aw what's wrong? Why so glum?" She asked. I relayed the while story to her. How happy I was for Liam to come over, how he snapped and how we fought. "Don't give it a second thought. You guys were made for each other. I give it a couple days or less and you'll be right back to being amigos." Danny reassured me. I smiled a little. We grabbed our coffee and sat near the back of the cafe. A girly giggle echoes though the store. I turn to see where it had come from. Sitting near the window is Danielle Peazer and Liam. Danielle blushes as she lays her hand on top of Liam's. He looks down at her hand and smiles. I put my coffee cup down and quickly get up from the table, "Yah best buds. sure Danny, sure." (More below)

Liam's POV
I'm so confused and I feel terrible. I was so rude to Karmin. I snapped. Seeing Danielle again threw me off. She looked so pretty just like I remembered. The way her mass of curls would bounce when she laughed. Her eyes would dance when she talked about something she was passionate about. So many sweet memories. Like the time we had a food fight while making cookies. But then there's Karmin too who's funny and super talented. Who has perfect lips and amber eyes. We don't have many memories but whenever I'm with her I forget the past. Oh my head hurts. I need some Advil. Just then my phone rings. I hit the answer button, "hello?" "Hi Liam, it's Danielle!"///
Alright there maybe more tonight.

Part 9
Karmin's POV "Hey Liam! Come in!" I welcomed Liam into the dorm. "Danny's went out with some of her girls so the trio is just duo tonight" I chirped closing the door behind Liam. He winced at the word "Danny". I figured it was nothing and sat down. Liam just stood there staring off into space. "Liam James Payne! Hello! You alright?" I waved my hand in his face. "Oh uh yah I fine" he said forcing a smile and sitting at the far end of the couch. I sighed and scooted closer, "okay. So this song.....what should it be about? I was thinking it should have meaning. Most songs today are so dumb and pointless. So should it be about...." "Heartbreak." Liam cut in, "lets write about heartbreak." "Oh um ok heartbreak it is" I confirmed writing down some keywords that came to mind. "Make sure you put in how people can just play with your emotions and act like its all normal and how no matter how hard you try you can never make relationships work. Ever." Liam blurted out his fists clenching as he stared back off into space. I wasn't sure how to respond. I had never seen him like this before. "Are you getting it down? Can you wrote a little faster? Your so slow!" His face turned a fiery red as he stood up. "Hey! I don't know what your problem is Payne! I'm just trying to help!" I fought back not sure how or why this escalated so quickly. Liam only turned a deeper red. He let out a aggravated yell and stomped off slamming the door behind him. I stood there astounded and extremely confused. I put the pad and pen down and sank into the couch. My head was swirling with questions, anger and confusion.// k this is it 4 tonight lovelies.

Liam's POV
Im heading over to Karmin's dorm tonight. We are working on a class assignment. We are supposed to write a meaningful song. Im not the best at writing. Good thing Karmin is though. As I'm walking down the hall to Karmin's room I pass by some girls talking in the hall. I thought nothing of it until I hear someone call my name. "Liam? Liam is that you?" A girls voice says. I turn around and I see a mass of curly hair, "Danielle?" "In the flesh!" She laughs. My mind flashes with old memories at hearing that laugh. "W-what are you doing here? A-are you going to school here?" No you Idiot she's the janitor. Why else would she be here? "No, actually I'm just here visiting one of my good friends." Danielle says. "Oh...cool. How long are you staying?" I ask trying to make small talk. I'm at a loss for words. Seeing her here brings back old feelings. "A week." She states her eyes holding that same sparkle that I remember. "Well I got to go." I mutter. "Oh ok bye!" Danielle chirps, waving. I start to walk away when Danielle calls me back. "Hey Liam?" I stop and look back "it...it was good to see you again.." "Yah...it was" I say smiling slightly and begin walking to Karmin's. It was nice to see Danielle again...really nice.///// dun dun dduunn

Part 8
Karmin's POV
Ok I don't know if I can stand it anymore. I know how I had said i had "feels" for Zayn but that was before I started hanging out with Liam. He's so cute and sweet but not a push over either. What I mean is he has a backbone. He will stick up for himself and even me sometimes. When we have movie nights I always hope they're scary ones so that I can scoot closer to him. I doubt he notices or knows the real reason. It sounds so cliche but I feel like he would never ever date me. That would be absolutely amazing if we did. I'm dying just thinking about it. Liam does this thing when he's playing guitar where his brow furrows and he sticks his tongue out as he concentrates. It's so cute! My heart jumps with the thought of him. He's coming to work on our latest class assignment tonight. I looking forward to it./// sorry it's so short. And a little heads up: drama is coming soon

Liam's POV **fast forward a couple months** Since that lunch Karmin and I had been hanging out with each other non-stop. Danny was almost always with us as well. I had met her a couple days after lunch with Karmin. She joined our little group and we became a trio. I must say Karmin was super talented. She had played at my dorm and in the class a couple times. I always loved watching her play. She gave herself wholly over to the song.
Her amber eyes would sparkle and her small fingers would fly across the neck of the guitar. This powerful voice that you wouldn't have expected to hear would come out of her mouth. It would leave me in a trance for a coupe seconds after she was done. We had this tradition of always going to the exact sandwich shop that we ate at when we first became friends once a month. And every Friday, no matter what, was movie night. She'd come over in pj's and bags of junk food in tow. When we watched scary movies she would bury her face in my chest or squeeze my arm. It was innocent though, I knew she couldn't return my feelings....oops. I wasn't supposed to say anything. Yes, I like her...a lot. I guess it was kind of obvious huh? It was Inevitable though. If you're around a girl who is so funny and pretty and talented and so sweet but fiery at the same time....oh sorry I'm gushing about her. Where was I? Oh, yes, if you're around a girl that is that amazing you are bound to fall for her.//

Part 7
Karmin's POV
I didn't speak the whole walk to sandwich shop. I was trying to process what was happening. I'm walking next to THE Liam Payne. A celebrity, amazing singer and the dream guy of millions of girls. He picked ME to get lunch with out of nearly 20 other gorgeous girls. I'm getting lunch with Liam Payne! LIAM ASDHKGFKL PAYNE! I'm just proud that I didn't pass out yet. As we sat down Liam seemed to be having trouble. I asked what was wrong and he replied that "this girl" had collided with him this morning. Unless Liam was very clumsy I could only assume he was referring to me. Thoroughly ashamed I apologized. He said not to worry but how could I not? I offered to pay for a chiropractor which sounded a little extreme as it came out of my mouth. Liam reassured me he was fine and I relaxed thankful that he wasn't angry at me. He made me laugh with the goofy look he had in his face as he ate. I made him laugh....and choke a little. But he did more laughing than choking. That's good right?//

Liam's POV
Karmin and i walked out together. "So I'm following you. Where are we going?" Karmin asked stealing glances at me. "Well...." I paused, thinking, "there's a sandwich place a couple blocks away" "Coolio lets go." she said smiling. We walked to sandwich shop, talking as we went. Well, I did most of the talking. Karmin seemed...reserved. Which didn't seem like her. Though we've only met one other time, that one time she was very vocal, so her being all quiet now seemed strange. We got our sandwiches and found a small table outside, in front of the store. I slowly sat down, my bruised backside acting up. It hadn't been bothering me all morning but just now it decides to. It's probably this hard chair. I squirm uncomfortably and Karmin takes notice. "Are you alright?" Karmin questions her eyebrows furrowing in concern. "Yah I'm fine. It's just my bum. This GIRL crashed into me this morning and I landed on my back. So now it's a little bruised." I replied giving her a mischievous look. Her look of concern turns into slight panic. "I'm so so sorry. I didn't know it was you. Even if it wasn't I shouldn't have reacted like that. I'm so sorry! Please forgive me. I feel terrible. Can I make it up to you?" She practically begs. I put my hand up, "no, it's ok." "Are you sure? Don't be polite. Do you need a chiropractor or something? I'd pay for it." Karmin says still looking anxious. "I promise I'm fine. I don't need a chiropractor either." I reassure her. Her whole demeanor relaxes and her full lips form a slight smile. I take a bite of my sandwich making my cheeks bulge with food. "Haha nice Payne. That's a good look for you." Karmin laughs. "Wot?" I try to say with my full mouth. "Your face its like..." She mimics my puffed out cheeks and makes her eyes bulge. I laughed and nearly choked in the process. This only made Karmin laugh more. I really like her laugh...// sorry if this was already posted I was a little confused as to where we left off.

Part 6
Karmin's POV
They were burning holes in me, his eyes. I could feel them on me. Why was he looking over here? Is there something on my face? Is there some booger hanging out of my nose? What's the reason! These were my thoughts as I fidgeted at my desk. I wasn't able to focus at all during the whole lesson, not with my idol less than 20 feet from me. As soon as Mr. Cooper dismissed us I scooped up my bag and slung it on my arm. I turned around and nearly had a heart attack. Liam Payne was standing directly behind me. I clutched my chest half startled and half starstruck. "Hi I'm Liam Payne...well you probably know that already...the teacher mentioned and all already and....sorry I'm not very good with introductions. What's your name?" He asked. Oh goodness what is my name? What's my name! "Uh um Rivera...Karmin Rivera." Was all I could sputter out. "Well it's nice to meet you. Um I know this is random and I understand if you decline but do you want to go get some lunch?" Liam proposed. This is the most random thing any "stranger" had asked me. He didn't ask what time it was or how to get to a bus station. He asked if we could go to lunch. "Um sure but I don't date people I've just met. Even if they are celebrities" I said, half serious. "Of course Karmin I had no other intention." Liam said. Well I'm an idiot. Great now what does he think of me? Good job Karmin. I continued to kick myself as we walked out together// k so here's the thing. This part may have to be it for a couple days. My friend has a couple classes to take so she won't b able to write for a couple days. Sorry guys.

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