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ziamist {Liron} 💫  I can't concentrate on the clothes at topshop because louis tomlinson is front row pretending to be straight

"I'm not.. Not, a virgin." Fionns work from a new film, he plays a gay teen. I'm so ready 👐

I remember how people used to constantly call Harry a womenizer back in the day. I'm so Happy Harry is more open about his LGBTQ support and his own sexuality today 🌹

Strip that down, Bedroom floor, get low, slow- Liam is giving instructions through his songs. Can't wait for his new songs "suck it," and the smashing hit, "Wrong hole."

This is the best joke I've heard this day, this week, this month, this year,

Harry fucking deserves better. If I were him, I'd be absolutely terrified right now. I recently talked about this subject, how this entire sexualizing stuff is so terrible. If someone would have done that to a woman those fans would be in jail a long time ago. This is harassment, and stalking, and this is so wrong.

As some of you know, Taylor Swift's album was supposed to be released weeks ago, but the release date was moved because she's dealing with a lawsuit and is still recovering from being sexually assaulted. Now, whether you like her or not, no one deserves to go through that. I've seen so many people saying she "over-exaggerated," and only doing it for attention, and I feel sick to my core. Is that our world? People silencing a sexual assault victim and saying that the attacker was just kidding? For any of you who don't know, she was attacked during a meet-and-greet session, when one of the guests grabbed her bum.
When I heard of that case, I couldn't stop thinking about all of the similar situations Harry has gone through. We've all witnessed at least once people grabbing his butt, or kissing him against his will, or touching him inappropriately. I remember seeing a video less than a month ago of a girl touching his butt against his will and he just turned around and smiled to her. Obviously, he wasn't comfortable, and he didn't want that, but of course anyone who's seen this videos never said a thing. It seems acceptable when girls do that to boys, it seems acceptable when a teenage girl touches a male pop star's bum, but it's not. Men can be sexually assaulted as well. And the fact such a small portion of them actually speaks up, fearing people are going to treat them differently, or saying they're weak, or saying they should have enjoyed it? It breaks my heart.

That article, unfortunately, is not real. I made it not to offend anyone, but to raise awareness that what Harry's going through is absolutely terrible, and he shouldn't be silent about it. I remember in one of Ellen DeGeneres's shows, Rebel Wilson played a crazed fan. She jumped around, she kissed Harry, and then she just sat on top of him. Fans talked about the fact she did assault him, but all we got in return was papers telling us we're crazed twelve-year-olds, and that we need to take a chill pill (there is an actual article that says these exact things, DM me if you want me to send it to you.) harry deserves better and he deserves justice.

What a joke. What is he going to do with that tattoo after he cheats on her again?


What the fuck is this? Did they start using a different child?

Princess asks for trumpets in the chorus, Princess gets trumpets in the chorus.

Oh my god. The cringe


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