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ziamist {Liron} 💫  I can't concentrate on the clothes at topshop because Louis tomlinson is front row pretending to be straight


Always you is gonna be so deep and emotional and the fact we all know they're going to make it about Eleanor even though she wasn't there to support him when he needed her, she went around and told people he's abusive, and the fact she literally crawled back to him the second people stopped hiring her- I am disgusted and I know for a fact this song and this album deserves so much better than this trashy stunt.

No no no no! I know he has good intentions but he has a very big influence on a lot of people, and him tweeting about the Red Cross is going to make fans donated a ton of money to this organization. This organization is not legit, and countries have yet to see the donations from the Red Cross years later. I really hope people don't fall for that because this charity is not doing anything for the country, it's not going to give the money to Mexico. Please donate to local charities instead!

Both Zayn and Louis said they were each other's rocks and the person they loved having fun with. They loved each other and they had a lot of fun together, I can never understand why it ended but people can't deny the fact they were basically Brothers. They had a very positive influence on each other and I feel like they both needed each other since they departed? Because they went through hard times of their own, and they weren't there to support each other and I feel like if they were, it wouldn't have been as hard

I'm being honest right now, I've never seen a person actually saying Louis' a flop. I've seen trolls saying that to annoy other people, but I have never seen an actual, genuine person saying Louis is a flop. Maybe it's because my circle is not big enough or I just don't see it when it happens, but I don't think anyone actually thinks that Louis is a flop cause most of his songs are crazy successful.

Please tell me Harry didn't do this

This looks like something I'd write on my fake articles. what a joke. When did Louis become the boyfriend and Eleanor became the celebrity

The song is romantic and you expect harry to kiss him gently or give him a flower. No. It's his dick

I can't believe Elounor shippers think Louis is alive. That's absolutely ridiculous. Y'all deluded

Remember when Elounor shippers used to make those edits or give Eleanor that "Broken" tab written on her eyes lmfao

Niall is that one friend that you just can't cut ties with after your group of friends separates. He's such a sweet, grounded person, all of the band mates who barely acknowledged each other after the band broke up, they all praise Niall and they all put him in the spotlight whenever they can because he's a genuine friend and he always will be

You know what, I love Louis and Bebe's friendship, i really do, but don't you notice how the straights are trying to ruin this again? He has a friend, a friend who he actually likes and respects, and they're going to go out and making this a ship, write smuts about them, and make them a couple, and then say we force a sexuality. I posted a picture of a smut they posted and I was honestly so disgusted reading this? Because they actually seem like they love each other like brother and sister, and hets are really trying to make them look like a couple, and trying to say that he's sleeping with her or dating her or in love with her, and the way they treat Louis and Bebe and then say we force a sexuality or we try to make something that doesn't exist is ridiculous. Let them live.

If they're gonna hire a beard can they at least hire someone who's actually friends with him, possibly poc, makes him smile and doesn't give him head on yachts

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