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Harry Shum Jr  💭 @harryshumjr

Pinkie strong

Plumping up.

Thanks @buildseriesnyc for the fun interview!

I landed in between the logos perfectly and I should get 🍪 for that. Where do I collect my prize? @freeform #Upfronts2018 suit: @sandcopenhagen

When you bump into yourself on the way to the cafe......
2-HOUR mid-season finale of @shadowhunterstv tonight on @freeform!

Bumped into the sweet @kinagrannis on our flight to the Yay!

BTS: We didn’t have time to set up a wire for this shot where I get lifted by Lilith. So I had two crew members help me out by borrowing their shoulders to hover off the ground. They were game and our day kept moving. It didn’t look elegant off screen but it worked great for the shot needed which is what ultimately matters. But you can hear Stef quietly laughing at us cuz we look ridiculous 😄 #teamwork @shadowhunterstv

Xplorer 📷: @luke_youngblood

My ready face is vastly different from everyone else’s ready face. @shelbyrabara @luke_youngblood

My dad FaceTimed me to wish me a happy birthday...and then asked me why the WiFi didn’t work all day at his place. 😂 #heavyphone

Didn’t realize there was a old headshot day but here we are. @lucasraynaud sent this to remind me of the days when we thought we were doing everything right yet doing it all wrong. This was a SHINY SILVER JEAN SUIT I got from Macy’s. I used my first credit card I ever got and maxed out on it buying this outfit. (That put me in debt...🙄) I bought a $10 chain from some bargain shop that rusted after a few days from the humidity and some hair bleach to get me that blonde tip look so I could look “different” until I realized that EVERY asian kid was doing it at that time. I’m clutching my jacket not to pose but because I was nervous as hell and that was the only thing I could grip without looking like a wreck. I do wonder if I would have been friends with the younger me...would you? #oldheadshotday

Two bad ass action coordinators who are responsible for some of your favorite films and tv shows. @claytonbarber and Larnell Stovall on Escape Plan 3

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