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Harry Potter Text Posts  tumblr credit is always in the photo :-) no shoutouts

earlier today i screenshoted a post on tumblr to post here, and then i deleted all my screenshots for phone space like an idiot. so heres a different post

pic collage updated and i dont like it very much it took me like three tries to make this not grainy af

yay im done with finals & i gt my wisdom teeth out so i can go back to posting on here

this is just so incredibly specific ahahahah

i couldnt get into watching the office for years but now that ive started i cant stop

emma reactivated after months then deactivates again in a week what a power move

hi losers it’s emma i’ve resurrected my acc @beauxbatonsmagic give it a follow if ur feeling like it xoxo
lauren has exams maybe? hope she doesn’t fail them xo

catch me posting on this account only when im supposed to be studying for chem

racing today in a boat that has literally rowed together a total of 10min.... should be interesting...

honestly i love all the pottermore info but it feels odd to just add things into the universe in afterthought

art credit @fleamontpottercomics
i just saw @isleofdogsmovie and it was fantastic... it was a rlly cool looking movie with an interestig story & good comedic timing, not to mention an amazing voice cast (seriously, look up the cast). i dont know why no one else i know has said anything about it/why i had to drive an hour to find a theatre showing it so i felt like i had to promote it ha. if youve got time to kill with spring break, i highly reccomended you see it. thankss

whats the pettiest thing youve ever done? im so uncreative & afraid of hurting peoples feelings soo... nothing :/

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