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Harry Potter Text Posts  tumblr credit is always in the photo :-) please dont ask for a shoutout/promotion

so im posting for emma on her account rn but im also going to go away on a trip in a little over a week so both of accounts might go dead for the month of august. oh well

every time i get i reference i feel proud of myself even if youre supposed to get the reference and its not supposed to be like a hidden thing and it was not an accomplishment that i understood the reference

even hufflepuff winning goes against it (rip) this is fantastic

i hope this was intentional bc its fantastic

im so done with summer and its not even halfway over. like none of my summerwork is finished so id be in trouble if school was tomorrow bc id have to write four assignments in one night but i literally dont care im done with this i want schoool

he catches a cold and ron sneezely

i havent had a chance to mention this yet but last week i saw baby driver and it was fantastic i highly reccomend it

i was having such an issue finding something to post so sorry for the break in posting

i thought those were fidget spinners on the handel i cannot believe this

i either post twice a day or twice a week there is no inbetween


thanks for 123k! this is it. end of the line. the ideal number of followers. (seriously though itd be obnoxious and braggy if i said thanks for every 1k but genuinely a whole thousand new people following is crazy. thanks you guys) #historypottertextpost . .
im not gonna put a translation for the spanish part because it seems fairly simple to understand even if you dont know any spanish, but if i misjudged comment and ill put a translation in the caption EDIT: Its basically saying "My favorite part of the english version is that they sometimes call voldemort "the dark lord" then translating that to spanish

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