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Harry Potter Text Posts  tumblr credit is always in the photo :-) please dont ask for a shoutout/promotion

i feel like filch probably had an interesting life


its cloudy out you cant see the eclipse bc of the clouds im laughing this is terrible

im back in the US finally! ive been awake for like a full 24 hours because of traveling back 7hours.

i love the little milk rings in new milk containers

im in moscow now so ive got reliable wifi! flying home tomorrow :^) ty to emma for not letting my account die

mood - emma

rip everyone back at school - emma

i just realised ive been subconsciously following my own theme on here too oops rip - emma

this made me laugh bc this is exactly lauren's humour but then made me sad bc i miss her :-( - emma

green grapes are the worst thing i don't get how you can prefer them over purple/black ones smh - emma

lauren held an eagle yesterday wow im proud of her - emma

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