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yes please👏😂

ngl thought the livestream was gonna be more than an interview but still👌😍 school tomorrow😭 but had a good weekend☺️ night😘🌙

sorryyyyy that I've been awful at posting, I'm an idiot, I'm sorry👐 life's just a bit crap atm BUT LIVESTREAM ON SUNDAY EEEPPP ASFHLGGHKL

happy birthday to my little sunshine/snowflake/idiot, I could go on forever about how happy he makes me but I'll leave it at that, no words can explain how much I love this guy, he makes me smile like a lot and I love him lots, happy 21st nialler😘🎂

well isn't this accurate
all I do is complain but that is how dull and rubbish my life is, sorry about that😏
but ho hey🍉

I hope you have the bestest birthday ever, and I love you heck of a lot ok, now go and change your twitter to birthday man!!😂😘🎂
(I realise he obviously isn't going to read this but its 1:39 am and listening to mm is making me emotional, night😴)

I think annoying people cause the greatest pain in my life and ahdgjsjslsjd it just really annoys me😂😂😏
off to watch a ton of the sacconejoly's now so byeeee

the doctor said I can't go outside for a week in case I get whacked around the face, I mean what are the chances of that happening😕😂 byeeee

I was gonna post this the other day but I forgot sorry, urm yeah so this is about the wedding😂

but gUYS😭😭
sorry I haven't posted in forever but hey imma back and ed sheeran's new album is fab btw😏🙌

It's not a where's wally, it's a where's louis😂💁
let's cry at the fact I'm not at wembley this weekend😢 and still have never been to a concert😭

i'll post more soon, I promiseee but enjoy these mermaids whilst you wait😂😘

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