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Harry Main  🤪

@revolutionbp REVO BIKE PARKS NEW FREERIDE LINE ❤️🔥🤪😈 so crazy !! @_life_in_raw_ thanks for the pic !


LDN! 🏁 Was insane! Thousands of youths getting out there current comfort zones meeting thousands of other youths who all love bikes! Police where super cool and closed the junctions and the city was mad hyped on it! @writeoffworld only inspiration can be used to voice how you made me feel today. Mentor & realist. Building something so epic for the Youngens to feel a part of! Havnt seen anything as good for a community in my life. BIKE STORMZ 💯🏁

AMAZING DAY 🔥😻💯! Chilled first ride back on MTb. Then cleaned and ready to go again! 🤪💀

Need fat seat and maybe gearing lighter for bike stormz satdy! So stoked 🔥

Started building a jump box today. So sick ❤️😻video tomorrow.

Had cheeky cruise on my bmx today ❤️ gonna ride from Monday but just get back into it slow 💯💕😻🤪 HYPED 💥💥💥💥 shoutout all the support all the time also 💕 LETS RIDE 😎

Decided to write a note today - this is the more real side of social media, something I never let affect me. But I let go last few weeks. I’m writing this note to the people who followed me through bmx career from early days to the Vlog days. From authenticity to money. I’ll be back, BUT I wanted to use my page today to post something that can truly make a difference, to be nicer to each other to think about perspective cos not everyone is projecting what’s going on in there life on social media. Most of the coolest people I met in my life our very aware and awake people and they unfortunately feel the more real side of the world. The truth is once you become a “ role model “ it instantly alienates you, you have to become I guess more slightly paranoid and aware of things and people around you. The irony of writing this on social media but if I can feel so hurt by peoples outlook on me, it must mean so much to me so why not be real with it. You know I never would post shit like this on social media in the past but I feel it’s influencers like me that bend the truth and contribute to a picture that just isn’t always reality. Maybe if I was more real and authentic people would understand more of me but the real side of life is it’s a daily battle for me. I wanted to say thanks for being patient, thanks for writing me and asking where my uploads are, thanks for supporting me when people write comments that upset me. Thanks for giving me the most insane 10 years of support. The universe is testing me and strengthening me. I suffered from sporting anxiety and turned to content creating cos I physically couldn’t ride at the same level over night, no one knows this I used to see a sports shrink to fix it but couldn’t fix it. I went from being able to air a quarter pipe 10ft then over night couldn’t air. That’s the honest reason I quit riding bmx so hard. But the reason I got so good on bmx wasn’t the reason I was riding in the end which was probably the stem of the anxiety. To tell you this is a massive step for me. Accepting change in life is KEY. Love 💕 onwards and upwards ❤️


New @mafiabike ride. Colour out of 10? I’m sayin 9/10! 👇👇👇💥💥

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