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harry lopez  A Breakthrough Begins With Action. Certified Executive Coach. Master of Education. Vanderbilt Alum. UPenn CSIS-Exec. harry[at]harrylouislopez.com

A year ago I started a journey as a TV/Film actor. After many years of doing theatre, I decided to transition over to the world of television. Wasn’t sure what to expect. But...Tomorrow night - my first tv web series premieres in Miami. Tonight I’m filming for Telemundo. and just yesterday I got booked the lead in my very first NYC independent film. I owe all of this to great mentors and coaches who’ve pushed me to go after all the things that scare me the most and to not accept the self-defeating stories I sometimes tell myself. Special thank you to @inmyeliment for being a courageous and inspiring woman who convinced me to go to NYC and take all of my auditions this week. Couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you to my awesome acting coach for believing in me @django_107 & thank you to the phenomenally inspiring and supportive @mordiiklein For not accepting my BS and inspiring me to do things that are bigger than myself. You’re remarkable. this is just the beginning! Like I say - parriba y padelante. There’s no going back. Let’s live a life we’re proud of and take advantage of the NOW. Let’s do this. No time to waste. You have greatness within you. YOU. Yes. YOU!! #nyc #telemundo #actorslife #actors #artists #hustle #latinos #miami #hollywood #hbo #netflix #goals #werk #talent #letsdothis

This came up in conversation today & I just loved it so much..I needed to post. Love.... it was all so simple. Smile. 😊

Eliana (@inmyeliment): full of life, radiant, intelligent, superlatina, giving, and on a mission to make the world a better place. We’re off to NYC together!!— and in true Eliana Fashion - she just upgraded me to first class!! Thank you for the magia that you are & all that you do, Eli!!!!! 💛 #superlatina #latina #friendship #nyc #miami #flight #jetset #friday #fridaymood #love #happiness #mentor #mentee #coach #soul #women #latinas #latinasbelike #latinosbelike #hispanicize2018

So grateful for this new partnership with @smiledirectclub. For a limited time only, individuals who schedule a 3D scan will receive a complimentary 30 minute transformation call with ME! Thank you for bringing a smile to so many faces #smiledirectclub #ad

the day I discovered meditation was day one of the rest of my life

It’s time to explode the myths we tell ourselves; time to retire those tired 💤 old stories. It’s time to stop making excuses, and to step up and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. It is truly possible to live from the most passionate, rambunctious part of your core - I am living proof, and I am not exceptional. I am just like you. Nothing is perfect, but I am consciously taking steps towards self-discovery and leaning into discomfort in pursuit of the life I’ve always wanted. You are destined for a life of greatness. There are a million possible avenues for you to saunter down, and the only way to discover that for yourself is to put on your best shoes and just start walking. Want to dive in? Send me a DM or email me (in bio). Can’t wait to hear from you & help you realize your limitless potential.

I call this a powerful "Affirmation Manifesto" & if you haven't yet written one for yourself, I encourage you to do so. This is not mine! Ha. I've gotten permission from the one and only ... my amazing Reality Revolve Schusterman Sister @jmamps of @forwardinheels to share her manifesto with my peers. I stayed at Jenny's house in NYC this summer & loved shadowing her life. What struck me the most was this. She has her manifesto taped right next to her desk near her bed where she can see it everyday & anchor herself powerfully on her mission and purpose. I loved it so much that I wrote and talked about it with all of my friends! Jenny walks with passion and fire and does not take no for an answer. She goes for what she wants and makes shit happen. She inspires me so much! Let's write our own manifestos. I recently wrote a financial manifesto around money breakthroughs. It's helped hold me accountable and reminds me of my mission. ... I tend to have amnesia around my goals so need constant reminders. Oy veyyyy... 😕😳😊 "Jenny! I see you with that RED LIPSTICK 💄" world Betta watch out!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻😍😍

our little love bird had no name but "birdie" and brought our family an indescribably selfless, beautiful love. how I miss you, birdie. your joy... your heart... your abundance of peace. "Love... it was all so simple." losing you was very tough. It broke my heart. #inrememberance

☀️ thanks for sharing @leadershipsarah 🙌🏻

Being an actor is a core part of my identity and defines who I am, but to what end do I act? I do not want to simply be an entertainer; I want to be a window through which I expose the human condition to my audience. I want to make people feel things they have not felt before. I want to make people think things they have not thought before. I want to make people want to be things they have never wanted to be before.

#fbf to my first students ever! Back in Clarksdale, Mississippi @ Lyon Elementary. I'll forever miss being Mr. Lopez 😭🙌🏻💛

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