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Presenting my voiceover work & 20% project at work! translating our Introduction to Programming with Karel JavaScript curriculum into Spanish & making CS accessible to Spanish speakers all over the world.
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Paige, we have been through so much together. I'm so thankful for your friendship. I'll never forget meeting you by the grand piano at the Commons on our very first day at Vandy... & then really getting to develop a friendship with you you in San Francisco @ da googz. I love you through and through. Happy Birthday @theandrogynousblackbird! Tell Miss Paulette I said hello!!! "You can take me outta one side of the house but you ain't go take me outta the other.. and I sing... am I mean?! Stayovaderr" this picture was over 6 years ago. Ohhh things have changed!!! Ohhhhh #happybirthday #picoftheday #google #sanfrancisco #nashville #vandy #instagood #instapic #laughter #smile

Can I go back to Israel now? 🇮🇱☀️

Meet the Team! #realityrevolve2017

Unforgettable night out in the Market #realityrevolve2017

Brilliant Education Change makers from all parts of the Globe seeking equity for Children 🌎 The opportunity of a lifetime. #realityrevolve2017

I've got #Reality in my heart.. I've got Reality in my heart.. to the King of Kings. #realityrevolve2017

Just love.

☀️ 🌴 📸: @gravelandsmoke
🎥: @denidomifilms .

"we live in a world our questions create.." -what questions are you asking? What questions are you not asking? 📸: @violetlycrazy @gravelandsmoke

“Real Transformation happens from the inside out”
HONORED to have facilitated this powerful and very thoughtful symposium of creative leaders. ‘Ignite your Creative Impact’ was about community building & empowerment, really tuning into our hearts and distilling what is most alive, giving ourselves permission to do so, and energetically going after what it is we are most called to do.
Thank you @violetlycrazy for so masterfully capturing the essence of this event. To #pipelinelauderdale - (@angie_hb23 & @dianajnez & @deepamala.abey & @anagencycalledus ) thank you for believing in this mission and graciously offering us your exquisite space. To all the magnificent participants, this is just the beginning. Onwards & upwards! Lastly! Thank you for your unwavering belief & support of this @joyridersmedia - you are joy & magnetism!! & to my penn csis exec team @kellygyenes & @vavi11 & Raheel - love y'all! & @django_107 - thank you for supporting this & bringing together such a stellar community of actors every Monday night. & @jennycita_linda - thanks for your awesome energy and feedback! Couldn't have been possible without all of you.

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