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How was your weekend? We spent a lot of time at the allotment in the sunshine, hasn't it been beautiful? Seeds have been sown, sweetpeas planted and the paths have been cleared of stones. I can't believe the amount of stones there are / were! ( there are a few pic updates in stories - I'll put a proper one on here soon )
Happy Monday everyone.

Harry, me and the bluebells. Stood on a path where the next day I saw two beautiful red deer but wasn't quick enough with my camera. A magical place!
Have a lovely Thursday everyone.

{ a little box of spring }
Last night we built wigwams at the allotment for our sweetpeas! I'm hoping for endless flowers.... but they look like they might be pretty tasty for the slugs too! Cross your fingers that they survive! Or any tips greatly appreciated!

Spring is in full swing here and I am loving every minute! Blossom, birds, wildflowers and sunshine! It's so hard to choose a favourite season but Spring really is a beautiful one! Do you have a favourite?

Happy Monday everyone!
How was your weekend?
Yesterday we planted the first things at the allotment, so exciting! I'll put a few pics in stories.

Today we have woken up to sunshine when the weather forecast said rain, hooray! That means it's time to get back to the allotment and get moving. We're close to the beds being ready and I'm so excited!!! I already have a line of flowers waiting to go in!
I think it will be a picnic tea too!
What are you up to this Sunday?
I hope you have a lovely day!

Happy Thursday everyone! How is your week going? I'm feeling particularly tired this morning, I think all that allotment digging is catching up with me. A slow day ahead I think and hopefully some baking!

One from the weekend. Making blossom baths in the garden. Inspired by @fleaandbear whose photo last week reminded me about this galvanised tub we have!
Happy Wednesday everyone! And thank you for all the flower tips yesterday, I can't wait to get planting!

Flowers are finally blooming! There's blossom on trees, bluebells and wild garlic in the woods and the first tiny bits of cow parsley down the country lanes. I am in heaven!
And talking of flowers... did you see our allotment progress in stories? We finally have raised beds in and it's time to start filling them. Any tips? Or favourite flowers you think I should grow?

Tea, flowers and sunshine! Hasn't the weather been amazing? I have an extra day off today so it's going to be spent pottering in the garden and allotment - we've finally made good progress there, will hopefully get some pics in stories later. What have you been upto over the weekend?

Bluebells, forget me nots and blossom.
Three of my favourite spring flowers!
What are yours?
Oh and happy Friday everyone, have a great day!

I'm completely stuck for a caption this morning! It was going to go along the lines of eggs and spring and tell you about the ones we've found recently on walks.... but my eyes really want to go back to sleep!!!! Send help... I've got to get up for work soon!!!!! Anybody else feel like that today?