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Wich one next?

Wich one is your least favorite?

Qotd: did you watch twilight?

Aotd: nope, and I won't!(sorry to all the people that I offend. But I hate that movie!)

Real potterheads know who this is!

Qotd: what is your house

Aotd: i'm a proud gryffindor.

Hello my dear potterheads! Sorry for being so inactive. I had a lot to do for school.

QOTD: Who is your favorite weasley?

Aotd: Ron! I love ron!

Qotd: who is you favorite ship?

Aotd: I love romione!

Qotd: who is your less favorite Harry Potter monster?

Aotd: Aragog! I hate spiders!

Qotd:Do you ship romione?

Aotd: I do!

Qotd* Who is you favorite death eater?

Aotd* Mine is Draco Malfoy!

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