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Capt. Harris Dudley  •Head Fly Tyer at Gordy & Sons Outfitters• Houston, TX •Fly Fishing Guide• Louisiana Coast Booking and order info: 7045625509

I'll just leave these here... #Louisiana

Bunch of big kids keeping the neighborhood up. Armed with an eight weight and too many Shiner Bocks you'd be amazed at how much noise this wolf pack can make. Ice up boys. You can try and take the Lawn Trout title next year but you best come correct with that double haul.

Saltwater has an incredible knack for creating "perfect predators". Surviving is a feat, no doubt. But to thrive at the top... an accomplishment that very, very few species can boast. The rudders on a jack are one of the many attributes that keep them in the fight.

Chomping at the bit. Winter is coming

Louisiana Sucker Punch

There isn't a close second. Winter in the Louisiana marsh is the greatest fly fishing destination on the planet for giant bull redfish. That being said, many can attest to these big kids being uncooperative. They don't play nice in the sandbox. When that's the case it's okay to swing first with the intention of swinging last.

Foxy Zima's

A spin off of Borski's Green Zima pattern that has probably made more backcountry tarpon sweat than any fly around.

Más o Minnows
Heading down to Belize in a few weeks with the funky bunch. It's going to be a large time

One for the personal box

If you can sift through the noise and haste, the little things are often the ones that captivate the mind's eye

I've sent flies with a lot of people to a lot of different places. @rjackh came to me wanting flies for French Polynesia which was a first for me. He checked this Bluefin Trevally off his hit list and I checked another region off of mine. Thanks for the photo and story brother!

Nowhere fast, then the tide turned. Don't think I'll ever forget the amount of water that day @marshwearclothing

It seems to happen less and less the more days you log on the water as a guide. Like so many good things in life, the rarest things, the harder you chase them their ability to evade you becomes all too apparent. Every once in a while though, down one creek or another you get what you need... Water that seems to have just the right magnetic make up to charge and revitalize the water that courses through the river in our bodies. Different water does it for different people, it's what makes the probability of finding it so challenging and seemingly random. On a cellular level Louisiana water was the spark plug I needed. Still a few months away, I have never looked forward to a winter like I have the one to come.

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