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Harriet  Reader, Teacher, Healer, White Witch Los Angeles, California 🔮🌙👁🎀🍯🕯harrietwien@me.com

Welcoming in deep and magical, psychic and mysterious, sexual and intense Scorpio season...transforming All from within the darkest depths (Triple Scorpio☝🏻Björk) 🦂🌑🌺🌊


...and in the column shines the six rayed star ✨ Lifeforce 1985

Meet my new witches familiar on the end my of my broomstick 💜🌸✨

Goddess of the sweet waters 💧Monica Bellucci

CARD OF THE DAY: VII THE CHARIOT The world as a whole is suffering and we are moving through some very challenging frequencies and growing pains. I’ve been feeling like I’m drowning and so have all my friends and clients. Thankfully when Chariot comes forth for us in a reading it is a blessing. It means that the battle within is won and now movement and flow can occur, but instead of running on to the next thing in a pattern of manic extremes, consider everything that has happened. The sphinx’s at the bottom of this card represent your light and your dark which are no longer competing to drive your will, but today sit at your feet in harmony. It is up to you, Charioteer to take these two sides of you and sustain their movement forward by spiritualizing matter: Taking what is earthly and dense and bone and flesh and connecting it to what is sparkling and divine and the essence of your soul. Become aware of the cells that buzz within you and around you. Become aware of the space in between your cells and how none of them actually touch but exist in a network of conscious energy. This is what you know. This is how you can co-create with the forces of nature. Begin to clean up the debris of the battle you’ve just fought and make plans. This process might feel slow and steady and manageable now, but this card promises swift movement ahead. It’s all rolling right along. 🦋😊 #thechariot #tarot #cardoftheday #tarotreadersofinstagram #movement #unity #spirit #matter #duality #love #triumph #HarriettheChariot


Friday’s are for Venus 🌹🔥🐚

Obsessed w Mom n Dad

if they ain’t hatin you ain’t poppin.

Vanessa Paradis à Paris 1990 🖤

When you’re illuminated from within and your ass fat too 😏

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