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Harriet Shangarai  Community Organizer Former Chair, Montgomery County African Affairs Founder #NesiWangu Community Health Initiatives

My dear friend Mel, let the world celebrate you today, tommorow and every single day!!. No one that I know off, goes above and beyond to get the African Diaspora( African American, Continental African and the Carribean: fruits of the same tree) to sit in one room just to have a meaningful conversation with one another. You keep our History alive and allow us to realize the power that lies within us if we come together. You have opened many locked doors and provided a stage for dreams and voices to be heard. Thank you for mentoring us, and many of our young leaders and advocating for the Mandela fellowship program. Thank you for your tireless efforts in advocacating for our many issues here and in the Continent. The world needs more of you to go around.
Happy Birthday @Melvin.foote . #WAKANDA Forever

A man of Wisdom, Love and Kindness!. Thank you for all that you do in our communities, in the continent and all over around the world!. Happy Birthday @akonxone #HumbleSoul #Brilliantmind #Talented & very #Hardworking

You had the most difficult role!! We thank you for your leadership and sacrifices. May you rest in eternal peace our dear HERO, Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela.

Coming soon: TANZANIA DAY 2018
All are welcome!

The Tanzania I have known; the country of Peace, Love and Solidarity.The country with the tallest mountain in Africa the "Kilimanjaro Mt". Rivers that flow the values of humanity, respect and the spirit of Ujamaa.The country of rich soil, that nurtured the first human ever lived, snd the most prominent African leader 'Mwalimu Nyerere' and hosted many successful leaders of Africa.

The only country on earth with the most unique stone the " Tanzanite". The Tanzanite is blue in color which symbolizes trust. Trust is a crucial element in any kind of relationship, with trust people are more likely to meet their need for safety within an environment. Also Blue symbolizes loyalty, the very fabric of our villages, or communities, knowing your neighbor has got your back and the children are in good hands is priceless!!. Blue is also known as a color of confidence, which is important for us to have in those we entrust our lives with, as they make critical decisions , lead and chart the course so our nation may flourish and our youth may have a brighter future.
Blue as a color, also speaks wisdom, this is a must have in leading oneself before leading others. One with wisdom knows what he knows and knows not!. As a leader he is open to ideas, include others to the table, allow flexibility, room to learn, grow and create new leaders in the process.
Sometimes, Tanzanite will have a deeper or a darker bluish color, this has always been linked to knowledge or strong expertise or mastering of your own trade. Those with such backgrounds know when to stand and when to surrender, with deep appreciation of team work/collaboration. One with such attributes is an asset in creating a shared vision and environment that brings people together, put order, build stability and establish a functional system.

Last but not least, Blue can also represent the color of the ocean, which many will agree to be a place of calmness where we find our peace. Peace is at the center of it all and the foundation of all essential functions of an individual. community and a nation.

All are welcome!

Behind a successful woman is a community or a tribe of strong, smart, courageous, selfless,yet selfull💁, loving and supportive women. We are better together! Let us support one another and inspire each other to do better for ourselves. If women do better, communities will thrive and so are the fathers and mothers of tomorrow.
Was a humbling experience to give a #keynotespeech in the presence of such a dynamic group of women and great role models such as our Diaspora Mom; the former Tanzanian Ambassador to the US, (center) Amb. Liberata Mulamula .🙋👭💁 Picture credit @iskajojostudios

#Pressforprogress #InternationalWomensday Thanks to the #TANOLadies for making this possible.

USAID Diaspora Open House.

Absolutely amaizing!.Very informative, inspiring and great deal of humanitarian work!!. The needs are enormous, solving societal problems is not a matter of choice or a responsibility for those in humanitarian work, it is for each one of us. Having over 136 Million people around the world living in areas that experiencing humanitarian crisis is unacceptable. USAID is looking for partners and ready to engage Diaspora organizations and even individuals to address some of the most challenging situations in their countries of orgin. What we hear or read on headlines is just a small segment of what is going on. Often when people are in the worse predicaments but are no longer making headlines, attention declines and so is the focus, and often they are left to die.

The TANO ladies International Women's Day celebration was one amazing event!. The room was filled with enthusiasm and bright smiles from children as young as 2yrs old, to women who paved the way including the former Tanzanian Ambassador Liberata Mulamula. Meaningful conversations happened here. Such intergenerational dialogues are much more needed today than ever!. Special thanks to these five powerful women "TANO Ladies" for their commitment to leading social change for the Tanzanian Diaspora Women, Children and Community as a whole.

Was a humbling experience to give a
#keynote speech in such a special Women's event. Thanks for the opportunity.🌹💪

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