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  park bom > y'all


people who think yg actually cares about them are so delusional. the only thing this capitalistic pig cares about is money and this whole "yg family bond" is a big lie.

Fuck YG.
Fuck YG for letting 2NE1 go.
Fuck YG for treating Bom like shit.
Fuck him.
I'm so done with YG.
I was supporting blackpink until now. I mean yes no doubt that each blackpink member is talented but how can I support a girlgroup that is meant to replace 2ne1? they fcking can't and they never will. I didn't believe it at the beginning I JUST REALIZED.
the way he is forcing jennie to be like CL omg and you can clearly see it in the live performances the way she screamed " WHATS UP JAPAN " and "ARE YOU READY" ARE YOU READY IS not jennies fucking line. THAT'S QUEEN CL'S.
WHY DID HE LET 2NE1 GO WHY THE HELL DID HE TREAT THEM LIKE SHIT THEY HAD AN FCKING ALBUM PREPARED AND EVEN DARA SAID THEY WERE READY TO PROMOTE IT BUT THEN FUCKING YG CANCELLED IT?? as a real Blackjack it just feels so wrong when I support YG's girlgroup because HE'S A RAT. Even though I really want to but I just can't.
I'm so done y'all. Someone needs to explain all of this :( I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY YG THREW ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR GIRL GROUPS IN THE WORLD AWAY. WHY
WHY :(
I'm crying


Jackson is such a wonderful human being and makes my world so much brighter and better by his presence
Thank you for everytime you made me smile.💕 @jacksonwang852g7

you don’t keep your promise, you lie GD ft. Park Bom - Black

your faves could never


can't wait to see the king live ( 83 days left omg )
@xxxibgdrgn #motteinamsterdam

I'm not crying you are

my #skydragon feels omg

What is your fave. 2NE1 song?
I love all of their songs but I'd say Gotta be you, Go away, Let's go party and Goodbye are my faves

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