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Harling Ross  Fashion Editor @manrepeller

Thrilled that @aidybryant suggested we take a group pic at the end of her Man Repeller shoot because it resulted in this poster for a 90s sitcom about five plucky sisters who share everything except actual DNA

Good morning from a very buttery court jester (outfit idea fully stolen from @pandorasykes)

I’ve taken NyQuil for 5 days straight but this blowout might be the thing that actually cures my cold

My sisters and I fought a ton as kids and were so close in age that everything seemed like a competition. I sometimes wished I was an only child or had brothers instead. It took years (and years and years), but now that we’re adults they are my truest kind of friend, people who make me feel most like myself — which for them is always enough. Wherever they are is home. What a gift. Happy International Women’s Day 💘

This fruit necklace confirms my lingering suspicion that Phoebe Buffay would be good at Instagram

Very jazzed about this shirt and sweater combo, a happy accident born out of a hastily packed suitcase. (Which basically never happens!!)

Favorites from a shoot styled by me and shot by @edithwyoung to accompany an essay about my obsession with quilted clothes, a trend that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It just went up on Man Repeller but I also linked it in my bio for the sake of decorum 🐛

My kind of outfit recipe: ketchup, mustard, and a human hot dog.

Got my makeup done for a shoot — great day to throw a pie at me

Today is my 3-year anniversary at Man Repeller and also our inaugural week in a brand new office, which happens to be located around the corner from the exact Le Pain Quotidian where Leandra first offered me a job. I wasn’t sure if she was serious but I’m so glad she was. Now our team is twice the size and we have a jars of mints in the bathrooms. Wild. 💞

My favorite episode of SATC is the one when Carrie ditches Big and gets with Ferris Bueller

A human froot loop swimming in a bowl of New York sludge. Bon appetit! (📸 @cookayemonster)

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