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Harley Burlando  I believe in the sand beneath my toes //and the four right cords that can make you cry ✌🏼️🍍👽

Lizard Girl wishing she was still in lizard world.
And that I was sweating from the heat of the sun not the heat of my 🔥 research paper. But what can ya do. (Zoom in on my thin wrinkled lips for a nice study break chuckle) 📷: @steven_ts

Just getting my final smiles in before I have to give a speech and end up blubbering and lose all this beautiful make up @tazmajean worked so hard on
#watchtheslit #keller2018

I feel like the epitome of our friendship is showing up lookin cute and then being the two drunkest homies in the room. Cheers you to my giggly, kind, moustached baby boy who offers nothing but absolute joy onto this planet. Blessed to love ya and blessed to have ya on this planet with us. Here’s to another year older if not wiser. Love you mitchypoo #smashlol @mitch.eric_


Trav gets a little spooky when he’s hangry #darkyeg 👻

It only took one patio beer to convince her to lie down in the grass really fast on the way to class to make it look like we had really been enjoying this surprise summer weather.

Lordy Lordy looks who’s 40!! 💦🔥🍭🍩 Blessed to be on the right planet in the right century in the right galaxy with the right sense of humour, style, music, and food and born the RIGHT SPECIES to be breathing and lovin and laughing and living at the same time as you!!! I AM SO HAPPY U WERE BORN!!!!! Honestly thank goodness because I don’t think anyone else would make life as interesting as you do. It’s an honour to spend another year orbiting the fiery ball of impending doom and running out the clock on existence with my utmost favourite little nihilist. You’re so kind and so caring and so good at making me laugh and annoying me. Really anything you put your mind to. I’m excited to watch you grow into the person you’re meant to be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU WILD MAN IM SORRY UR GETTING OLDER BUT IM GLAD YOU EXIST AND HAPPY TO CELEBRATE THE DAY YOU ENTERED THIS WORLD

Happy anniversary to you ruining my only child days of pure bliss!!! Love you so much you strange little globe trotter. You’ve come a long way from stuffing nerf balls in your shirt and following me around and asking first dibs of my prime boogers. Now you’re all grown up and adventurous af and half way across the world for the second time during your birthday! I am so proud of your bravery and tenacity! Thanks for always being a good sport my dude 😂 couldn’t ask for a better sis!!

My education is an adult.
My education could order a beer.
My education is in it’s 18th year.
And that’s a wild thought. Yesterday was my 18th first day of school. It’s weird to be nervous about something when you realize just how long you’ve been doing it. Weird to have doubts about how smart and capable and deserving you are of the knowledge and skills you want. To question your dedication to something you have fought for and against for 75% of your life. Yes, sometimes it’s a fight. There have been times when I had to beg to go to school, where school was my only escape and where school was my sanctuary. There have also been times where I hated it and cried not to go and faked sick and skipped to be anywhere else. I used to dream of attending university and fantasize about growing up. I catch myself still, waiting to grow up, even though I’m literally in the thick of it. I’ve convinced myself it’s not worth almost as many times as I’ve talked myself through.
I have missed assignment deadlines, dropped classes, and failed a handful of finals. I’ve met profs who belong in hell and profs who were sent by the universe to push me where I need to be. And yet among all of this, I’ve found my passion, I’ve found my voice and I am so proud to have found the person I am meant to become within the walls that have held me up.
So cheers to lil harls for pushing through, for making it this far, and for probably graduating some time soon. HAPPY 18th FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL TO ME!!!

You’re my peach scone bra 🍑
Sorry I backed outta biking 30 minutes outta the city and made you turn back so I could drive myself, subsequently getting you caught in a torrential downpour biking through the dark while I followed behind in the warmth and comfort of my car. Somehow you’re still down to scoop me up for pic ops. IF THAT AINT LOVE HOMIE IDK.

*cough cough* Throw back to when I thought bc was smokey last week 😶 .

Also I bought this backpack in a teeny shop in Belize when I was 15 and I’m just now realizing it’s 9 years old and it has been through some wild times 🦑

Maybe it’s the peach vodka and the +30 heat but my heart is HAPPY!! Cheers to hunnies and boats and beers and babes and all the daddies. Boat daddy, dinner daddy, lobster daddy, Zach da-deeee and my MOMMMAAAZZ

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