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Harjap Singh Bhangal  UK Immigration Lawyer, TV Host, Actor, BBC's "Immigration Guru" , MATV Legal Solutions, Event Host, Public Speaker, Problem Solver

We always think there is enough time left to do things that we want to or need to do for ourselves yet reality is time is the one thing we cannot get back or purchase.
We put off stuff, ignore it amd postpone and often it is stuff for ourselves.

We spend our whole lives doing things for others. That holiday we want? We'll take it next year. Marriage? Got plenty of time yet. Kids? Got to concentrate on work first. Need to get fit? Plenty of time yet.

Even stuff like calling our parents? I'll do it tomorrow. Spending time with mum and dad? We'll do it later. Time with the kids? Once i'm retired.

The reality is from the day you are born your clock is counting down. Time is limited.
So go out and do those things that make you happy. Do things you need to do for yourself.

Dont be that person on your death bed with a million regrets. The one line you dont want to be saying is 'if only i had more time!!'...make the time!! #life #lifequotes #lifecoaching #time #doit

Kya hai tumhare paas???...what all of my clients reply!! #desi #comedy #bollywood

As social media grows we allow more and more people to enter our lives. People can see our daily routine and can see our lifestyles, moods and emotions.

However not everybody who claims to be your friend and well wisher is rooting for you.
You have to identify who is genuine and who isn't. Nowadays people become friends without even meeting each other!

Just as we block and delete on social media we need to begin applying this in real life situations. We do this by identifying who carries negative energy around us. The people always putting you down, making bitchy comments, laughing at you behind your back, shit stirring and hating everything you do. These people need to be blocked out in real life.
We need to delete them from our social circle and not spend any time with them.

#friends #friendship #lifecoaching #lifehacks #life

Just bumped into somebody who was claiming to be a Doctor.

Mr David Tennant aka Dr Who!!! #drwho
#drwhofandom #bbc #actor #scifi

Interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire on @bbcnews about UK immigration policies post Brexit. Am honoured that when the experts need an expert they think of me.
People see the achievement but most often don't see the blood, sweat and tears thst have been put in to get this far.
I have always maintained that you should strive for excellence and success usually follows.
I've literally had to sleep on floorboards in my office in order to get this far. Long hours, tension, stress, long plane and car journeys.
As a result 4 years ago i nearly ended up in a wheelchair after slipping 3 discs due to wear and tear. With the grace of God though i managed to turn it around after a life threatening back operation.
My biggest inspiration? My 6 year old daughter who came into my life as a blessing and gave me a new purpose and a reason to live a little big longer!

#lawyer #expert #immigration #brexit #bbcnews #solicitor #law #legal #media

Money, possessions, jobs, careers, cars all come and go. I've had times where i've had everything and i've been at lows where i've had to sleep on floors.
Life is about priorities. It's about leaving a legacy after you pass. And ultimately legacies aren't judged bank balances.

When you die all of your possessions, properties, cars, even your ipads and phones (which never leave our sides-even at bedtime) will be taken. Your work replaces you before your funeral takes place! That's the harsh reality. In some cases even your widowed partners will end up replacing you!

The only thing that remains constant are memories. The way you have made people feel. Be it good or bad. People will remember you by the way you were when they met you, spoke to and spent time with you. That is your true legacy. There is little point in being a millionaire when everybody remembers you as an asshole!
Create good memories. Do good times. Give your time to friends and family. Make a good genuine impression on people. Be that person about who somebody can approach your kids after you die and say 'you know what? Your mum/dad was a really nice person'....create your legacy! And make it worthy!
Remember...our time here is limited...despite what we think we are not immortal...it's up to you how you want to spend this limited time you have... #life #legacy #lifequotes #lifehacks #lifelessons #memories #memories💕 #memories😍 #time #priceless

I don't hate a lot of things in life, but this is one of them!! Pull your bloody trousers up!
#wtfisthis #trousers #learn #funny #comedy #apnipantchakk #chittardisdeaa

Highlights of hosting the London @sidhu_moosewala concert held in East London. Never seen a crowd like it before! Pure live energy!! Great to have my brother @jagchima accompany me to the show. Great to see @djvixdnb too on his home turf.
#bhangra #sidhumoosewala #eventhost #host #hosting #events #punjabi #desi #concert #ukbhangra #music

In order for a longer healthier life both your body and mind need to be stress free. They both work in conjunction. Your brain cannot function to your full potential if you are burdened by stress. Equally your body cant function fully if you overfeed it with junk.
Recognise the reasons for your unhappiness and stress. Once you have done so learn to do something about it. That something should be to eliminate things that are bad for you. Whether it is food, habits, people or thoughts.

Just like your physical diet your mental diet should be clean too. Only feed your mind positive things. Clear it of negative things and negative people.

Eat clean, think clean and you will be clean.
#clean #cutoutnegativity #positivequotes #positivity #positivethinking #eatclean #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthquotes #lifelesson #lifequotes #lifehacks #lifecoaching #bewise #wisdom

Pictures of last night where i hosted the @sidhu_moosewala concert in Birmingham. Met some great people including @bambi_official @djvixdnb @harpreet_pandher @604pinday @sabilittranwala @gurps.dhaliwal and others. Top night! #sidhumoosewala #bhangra #desi #punjabi #ukbhangra #concert #host #eventhost

This is such an important skill to master. The ability to stay calm and observe is essential. People will lie, cheat, backbite, provoke and do all sorts to get a reaction from you at times. But you have to decide which comments and actions deserve your reaction and which deserve your silence. You will learn a lot from just observing the actions of others and listening to what they are saying.

Learn not to react to everything. Dont let people realise they can wind you up or work you out. Dont give them the reaction they are fishing for. Remain calm and unfazed. I know it's harder said than done. But as i have gone through life i have realised this is an essential skill to have. It comes with time amd experience.

#experience #listen #observe #staycalm #control #selfcontrol #lifehacks #lifeskills #lifecoach #advice #dontletthemgettoyou #playitcool

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