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Harjap Singh Bhangal  UK Immigration Lawyer, TV Host, Actor, BBC's "Immigration Guru" , MATV Legal Solutions, Sometimes a love doctor!!

View from our hotel room. Viva Las Vegas!! #lasvegas #vegas #vivalasvegas #vegasstrip #vegasbaby #vegasnightlife #vegasnights

Good and Bad experiences always happen in life. Everybody goes through them. However it what these experiences teach us and how we react to them that defines us.

Whether a good experience or bad, you always gain knowledge from it. They teach us about life. There is always a lesson to be learnt if we are willing to learn.

Whatever the bad experience we should never let it take over our life. We need to learn from it and forget it enough so that it doesnt play on our mind 24/7. Dont let it linger on throughout your life. Dont replay it over and over again in your head! That will lead to depression. Forget it enough to move on.

However never forget the mistakes you made that led to that bad experience because you never want to repeat them! This is called learning from life!
Learning from your mistakes is essential otherwise you will end up repeating them again and again and the result will be the same.

Learn, implement and adapt! Use every experience to change yourself for the better!

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This happens only in India!! And guess what??! It cleared too!!! #cheque #checkplease #sex #desi #punjabi #punjab #india #ithappensonlyinindia #banking #spellingbee

Was delighted to have been able to do a TV show in New York recently at @juspunjabitv @juspunjabi alongside American Lawyer @ravisharon . Was great chatting about the different aspects of culture and immigration trends. Even managed to pick up a new @michaelkorsbsuit for the occasion!

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This is something i have learned with time and experience. We all need advice on issues from time to time. But it is very important as to who we seek that advice from. Seek advice from those who have been on the journey you are about to embark on.
Everybody will have an opinion as to how you should live your life. But it's not necessary that their opinion is right.
The opinion of those who have been there and done it is to be valued. The criticism of those that have not achieved anything should be ignored.

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Absolutely loving New York so far! Even got to see the Plaza Hotel where Home Alone 2 was filmed! #newyork #newyorkcity #newyorklife

Managed to knock a thing off my bucket list last week. I am a huge James Bond fan. Was so excited to visit the Bond in Motion exhibition at the London Film Museum. Was a dream come true. If you are a fan then check it out! Everybody likes a bit of Bond! Sounds better in English than it does in Punjabi!#bondinmotion #bondinmotionexhibition #007 #jamesbond #jamesbond007 #jamesbondmovies

In life you will be faced with many moments where people try to bait you, provoke you or goad you. They will hate on you, unreasonably criticise you and chat shit about you.
They have a purpose to this. Their purpose is to get a reaction from you. They want to distract you from your path and goals. That is their aim.

The good news is that how you react is in your hands. I know how bad it feels when somebody wrongs you. It evokes anger and desires for revenge. It can be tempting. But if you do revenge, it ultimately means that they have succeeded in bringing you down to their level of hate and stupidity.

Some of us (the real saints) actually manage to forgive and forget these people. They manage to totally wipe out any feelings of pain, anger and revenge. You have to be a very strong person to do that.

What i have learnt to do over the years is to ignore it all. Let the haters hate. Let them rot in their own negativity. Dont give them the reaction they want. When a dog barks at you from afar and you ignore it, it will eventually stop barking.

This is what i do towards all negativity. I ignore and carry on as if i am not effected by it. And in essence it doesnt effect me. I ignore it all and dont let it throw me off my goals and aims. Never allow somebody else's negativity to dull your positivity.

Ignore, dont react and carry on. These people dont deserve your attention or your time, let alone your thoughts. Never let them ruin your night's sleep. Never let a shitty person ruin your day.

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This is one of best causes l have ever believed in and the one i champion the most! In India there is still a stigma of giving birth to a daughter. In some regions daughters are seen as burden and are often terminated in the womb. Women who constantly give birth to daughters are seen as cursed and are often ostracised. This is slowly changing.
Unique Home is a unique charity. @uniquehomeforgirls .

Set up by Bibi Prakash Kaur this charity rescues baby girls that have been abandoned by their families and often just dumped left for dead. Bibi brings them to the home and educates and rears the girls without any help from the Govt or state funding. She relies solely on donations.

I am honoured to be chosen by UK Friends of Unique Home to champion this charity. I have to thank the trustees @_rkaur_ @harinder1977 Ranjit Thaliwal @ranjitst_ and others for introducimg me to this cause.They do fundraisers, charity events, auctions and raffles in order to raise money. I am glad to have hosted a lot of them.

I also managed to do a strictly come dancing competition to raise money for them.

In additon my brother @jagchima did a bike ride from Delhi to Mumbai recently to raise money for them.

We also raise awareness by filming the charity at work and showing it on TV and Youtube.
Daughters are a special gift. They love you for life without conditions.

The simple things we take for granted such as education, upbringing, food and breathing are denied to many children. Some never see daylight. Many grow up never knowing their parents. Yet Unique Home is one big family where the girls look after each other. They are given a name and an identity. They are educated and brought up until they are married.

If anybody wants to donate they can. Go to the UK Friends of Unique Home facebook page for details.

In a world full of despair there are always rays of hope. #charity #children #punjab #india #hope #unique #uniquehome #hopenothate

It's so important to be in good mental health. We spend every moment of our life thinking about things and turning them over in our mind. This results in our.mind being filled with so much stuff. Even stuff which we think is done and finished pops up now and again. It is important to settle outstanding issues which trouble us. We need to deal with them and put them to rest so that our mind is not cluttered.

Once we have settled these we can prevent these outstanding issues from filling our mind with negativity and becoming negative emotions such as hate, anger, jealousy and bitterness.
Fill your mind with your good thoughts and feelings and clear it of all negativity. Just as you wouldn't tolerate a mess in your home make sure you regularly clean your mind too.
#mentalhealth #positivevibes #goodmentalhealth #cutoutthecrap #positive #positivevibesalways #noroomfornegativity

Hosting at a recent charity event held for @apnavirsa_slough . Was a great night and i even got to do a semi Shah Rukh Khan style pose!! #charity #hosting #eventhost #bhangra #punjabi #desi #slough

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