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Day 2! Important message re: getting in to the comedy tent today! So yesterday the demand was INCREDIBLY high for the comedy shows--higher than we anticipated. The fire marshal last minute made us institute a ticket system to control the numbers so if you wondered why we didn't tell people about tickets, that's why. We didn't know either until it had to happen! It was the first day of the first year and there's always a learning curve so my apologies!! We got as many in as possible (I was told about 1800 for the second show) but we clearly need a bigger comedy tent next year. I never want anyone to feel frustrated or left out so please know that we are doing our very best! Today we're going to try this: for the 4:30 show, line up at 1:30 at the comedy tent for 2:00 ticket distribution and for the 6:30 show, line up at 2:30 for 3:00 ticket distribution. You won't have to be in line UNTIL showtime once you have your tix, mind you. I know this seems a little complicated, but I PROMISE we'll have a better system next year. Yesterday was so beyond my wildest dreams. Maybe I'm biased but the vibe was extra special, ya know? There was a real sense of community there and I want to make sure everyone feels taken care of. Ok see you today! And if you see me and want to snap a pic, the answer is YES! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Today's @id10tfest schedule!

The opening night party for @id10tfest was a rad drawing party so I made this

Full performer line-up for @id10tfest tomorrow and Sunday at the Shoreline! I'll post schedules soon so you can plan yo day.

I mean I just quit taking pictures from here on out, right??? It's NEVER going to get better than this one. @anthonyhopkins was the COOLEST and NICEST dude!! We're on @jimmykimmellive tonight. (PS - he was an inspiration for my sobriety 14 years ago but I was too shy to tell him that)

Sat 6/24 at 4:30! @id10tfest


@itsdarcilynne taught me a lot about puppets today on @accesshollywood like, for instance, how they should have eyes probably. Super talented lady who got the 1st golden buzzer of the season on @agt! #petunia

THE WALL is back tonight! This delightful video will remind you how it works. Brand new eps to punch you in the heart, America! 9/8c after Hollywood Game Night...

Futurama LIVE! was incredible! Thanks to @jamcityhq for putting on the event, letting me host it and making the new mobile game "Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow" which comes out June 29th! I got to be a head in a jar in the game along with folks like @neil.tyson, @billnye, @georgehtakei & Stephen Hawking so that's pretty dang neato right there. Also thanks to David X. Cohen and Matt Groening for, ya know, pretty much everything ever...

@midnight. Tonight. @k.schaal @timminchin @eddieizzard I'm going to be the assclown who favorites his own picture because this is legitimately one of my favorites.

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