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Chris Hardwick  You don't have to believe everything you think.

Tryna look all hard by my amazing birthday cake. @lydiahearst is THE BEST and made an incredible dinner (her first “unsupervised” Thanksgiving dinner, as she called it). The cake was courtesy of @deliciousarts. Its red velvet innards were not only fantastic but also added an element of visual horror when we carved it up. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!

Happy fuggin berfday tah ME (why do I look like I’m playing air guitar here)

@camimendes & I are on @latelateshow w/ @j_corden tonight! She was super nice and VERY patient with my “when I was your age Mrs. Grundy was 105 years old!!!” talk. @lydiahearst is a HUUUGE @thecwriverdale fan, so naturally I told the story of when I came home and thought I caught her watching porn when it was actually just Archie threatening a serial killer with a bunch of shirtless, oiled up dudes in red hoods. Like ya do. Camila explained to me that it was just a fundraiser for the Riverdale Jaycees and that “bake sales” are very different things nowadays.

Smoochin’ it up w/ @lydiahearst at the Ask Me Anythings! Snazzy suit by @paulsmithdesign, style time by @kitscarbo, kisses by heaven. #dawwwwwwwwwwwww

I SHIT YOU NOT this is true...the Apple TV remote has that hair trigger surface on it—kind of a pain sometimes really. We fall asleep with the tv on and apparently our blobby cat regularly lays on it in the middle of the night and “buys” shows. @lydiahearst & I each thought the other was randomly purchasing stuff until we figured it out that our oil spill of a cat was responsible. So far Anubis has bought Brooklyn 99, season 3 of Mr. Robot and ALL 180 episodes of Seinfeld. So he has excellent taste at least! But seriously this mother fucker needs to get a job soon to support this habit. What are some other shows he might enjoy? Handmaid’s Tail? Hiss Is Us? Stranger Things Mew?? Lemme know in the comments! #CatTV #RIPAtMidnight

Before we get into walker therapy tomorrow night I’ll be presenting at the #AMAs! The show is on @abcnetwork at 8/7c and I’ll be earlier in the show.

Larry Wilmore & I went to prom. The theme this year was “11:30pm-12:30am Comedy Central 2016”. #retro

OK OK Bill Murray was there too. Just look at how relaxed and not at all frozen with fanboy fear I look! He, @larainenewman & Dan Aykroyd were all very nice to me anyway. Aaaaaaand I’m dead. (Photo by Arnold Turner/Invision for Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images)

I just got this one and the lighting in it is a bit better. Also, bonus @ldub61! He hosted the show beautifully last night. (Photo by Arnold Turner/Invision for Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images) #SNLSeason1

So this happened last night...I had the tremendous honor of inducting Joan Rivers into the @televisionacad Hall of Fame. I was friends with Joan, I adored her, and I miss her. Anyway, one of the other inductees was actually five—the surviving members of the original @nbcsnl cast. “But where’s Bill Murray???” you ask, blissfully unaware that he didn’t come in until season 2. It was surreal and amazing and I have to thank @larainenewman for being the wonderful person that she is and pulling me into this bucket list of a picture. Also YES THAT’S LILY TOMLIN ON THE END. She presented their induction! It was magical.

How can that woman stand there so calmly with all of these creepy cat children running around???

Was so happy to watch @tiffanyhaddish kill it on @nbcsnl! Always one of my @midnight faves, and ran into ANOTHER one of my @midnight faves, @marcellacomedy at the after party. I’m flying home in a few hours. Fortunately I sleep on planes so I’ll be all fresh and ready to talk about zombies on @amctalkingdead later on.

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