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Happiest of birthdays to this amazing lady who makes each day better than the last. I love you more than anything in the universe @lydiahearst!!! 🎂 (photo by @kaelanbarowsky)

Happy Anniversary to the best person I know. On this day two years ago, I became whole. You give each day meaning, you inspire me beyond words, and your happiness is what matters most to me in this world. I love you with all my heart and soul forever, @lydiahearst.❤️

#tbt in honor of E3 this week this was taken there in ‘08 or ‘09, possibly the year they only allowed industry people to go. This image perfectly captures the tone of what G4 was. I miss the shit out of it and am happy to still be friends with a ton of the amazing people who worked there. Sometimes people tell me they miss me from “the old days” when I got my start on AOTS, and I smile and nod while thinking that it’s surreal to me that I have WAY OLDER DAYS in the timestream at Mtv. At least I think I did. Maybe Singled Out was a flu induced fever dream? TL;DR I’m old. #G4 #AttackOfTheShow #WebSoup #E3

@talking is back Sunday on @amc_tv at 11p/10c w/ my first guest Donald Glover. And yes, he IS holding a tiny Troy and Abed In The Morning mug. I love doing this show and I’m proud of it. I describe it as having the soul of a podcast, the bones of a comic con, and the skin of Talking Dead (it has nothing to do with any shows in particular, we just use the TD set). Everything is so programmed for short attention spans nowadays so I wanted to make a chat show that BREATHES, has actual human conversations, and essentially puts the talking back in late night. We’ll have eight episodes airing through the Summer, and if you’re looking for something that feels intimate yet energetic, this is the program for you, friend! Give it a watch!

The only man who could cure David Bruce Banner...he was able to get Banner & Hulk to see each other as “neighbors”. This was on the top of r/OldSchoolCool yesterday. I’ve been rewatching the original Hulk series and it’s so much damn fun. Well, actually it’s the saddest superhero show ever, but kitschy fun. Btw, the world has become such a non stop tire fire WE NEED MR. ROGERS NOW MORE THAN EVER. Can’t we Westworld him or something?? Or would he realize the brutally and futility of humans and send us to the Land of Make Believe? Please share your thoughts below, Neighbor.

Anthony Bourdain was on the podcast a few years ago and was so open, warm, and hilarious. He was inspiring to me on so many levels, not the least of which was that he came out from under an intense drug haze and became successful by just being himself while following his curiosity and passions. I think a lot of us who have struggled with addiction, depression, anxiety—or any of the wide menu of mental health issues—looked up to Bourdain as our champion. The guy who beat it. And you know, maybe that’s not totally fair to put that on him because it isn’t a dragon you just slay once and you’re done. You wouldn’t exercise for a little while and go, “Ok done! I’m fit for life now!” It’s an ongoing process, and that’s okay, because everything needs maintenance. And why is it we put such emphasis on maintaining our cars, our careers, even our dumb fucking social media accounts and NOT our minds??? That other stuff is external. A distraction. It ultimately doesn’t matter. But WE matter. (and yes I see the irony of devaluing social media on social media—it does have positive uses, but it shouldn’t be more important than our health so maybe put that FIRST). Also, what happened with Bourdain does NOT take away from all of the amazing things he achieved and the issues he overcame while he was alive. Between what happened with Kate Spade just a few days ago or any of the 800,000 people worldwide who sadly take their own lives each year, it is important to remember that mental health issues are unbiased. It doesn’t matter how much you have or don’t have. It doesn’t matter what your race, cultural background, or religious beliefs are. It can affect anyone, anywhere, and does. I BEG YOU, if you feel like you’re trapped under the weight of your own brain DO NOT hesitate to get help. It isn’t embarrassing, it doesn’t mean you’re broken, and it doesn’t mean you’re weak. Everyone needs help sometimes and it is a strong move to ask for it. If anything, please let the big takeaway be that no matter where we are in life, we should seek help when we are feeling swallowed up. Take care of yourselves, everyone. The world is a better place with you in it.

THANK YOU to my amazing wife @lydiahearst who surprised me w/ this INCREDIBLE replica sculpture by @mageefx of Beetlejuice from the scene where he turns into a snake from the railing. I saw it at @monsterpaloozaofficial a couple months ago and commented that I needed it my life and today it just appeared!! I wish you could see it in person because the detailing is absolutely stunning. He even got the bits of moss and mold around the hairline! I don’t know what I did to deserve a nerdy Santa Claus wife who surprises me w/ Beetlejuice presents but holy shit am I thankful! I’m also going to tag @michaelkeatondouglas in this because why WOULDN’T I? #BeetlejuiceX3

BTTF DELOREAN, I AM INSIDE YOU. Here’s a few more pics from @jaylenosgarage which is on tonight. If you swipe through you’ll see we are at the Gamble House in Pasadena, aka Doc Brown’s estate in 1955. He lost it later when he blew his family fortune building a time machine to turn Marty McFly’s dad’s bully into a car washer.

I love doing @teamcoco! I was always such a fan of his so it still blows my mind that we’re pals now. This pic perfectly captures the spirit of how fun it is to be on the show. I said A LOT of filthy things on that couch last night. :D

Jay Leno built a time machine...OUT OF A DELOREAN?! (actually @walser_joe built it) And I got to drive it on @jaylenosgarage, which airs tomorrow night on @cnbc at 10p/7PT. It’s the most complete replica of the one from BTTF with some actual parts from the movie car. That’s the POWERRRR of LUUUUUUUUV (doo-doo doo-doo doo DOO doo doo doot)

My dear friend @aprilrich & I went to see this brilliant lady @nekocaseofficial at the @greek_theatre last night and it was the fucking best. I have no excuse for my face here. #music #fun #hashtag

My wife is working out of town for the Summer and I miss her a lot, so here’s a pic @thetylershields took of us a couple months back on an old timey camera in our dining room. It would be fun to pretend that we go full formal evening wear and sit across a long table from each other every night while eating multiple courses of tiny food so let’s just do that. #love #smooches #marriedpeople #PiebaldPeacock

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