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Catalog modeling w/ @realmonaghan who was an incredible guest on tonight's @talking! Michelle is so effortlessly cool and engaging and it has been a pleasure to get to know her the past few years. Also, AWESOME TOM CRUISE STORY ALERT. You should watch it! 11/10c on @amc_tv, my good people. It's the talk show with actual talking!

Hahahaha @lydiahearst picked up pizzas from @luciferspizza tonight and discovered this when we opened the box. The pizza there is real damn good btw. #points

Flashback to 2011 on the coast of England at the fire boat-turned-music-studio of the man who got a generation to shout "SCIENCE!!!", Thomas Dolby. The fervid pursuit of verifiable knowledge is aces in my book, kids!!! #MarchForScience (also, let's take a minute to remember the shaggy-edged charm of Hipstamatic, a staple of 2011 iPhone photography)

The dear wife @lydiahearst surprised me with some fucking amazing shirts from @teepublic. She was also hiding just out of frame and pulling the shirt down so it didn't photograph wrinkly. She's too good for me. #AhJeezChuck

This li'l devil was molded off one of the actual ones from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I missed getting a ride-used one at a Disney auction a few months back so I settled for the next best thing! He's real shiny and is currently chilling on the love seat in the foyer but I think I need to suspend him from somewhere...#GUILTY #thewindinthewillows

TONIGHT at 11/10c on @amc_tv! Ep 2 of @talking had some of the lads of @siliconhbo. There is not a person on that show who is not masterfully funny, and Martin Starr, Zach Woods and Thomas Middleditch do not disappoint on the show. Usually I'll have just one just on the show but in the case of an exceptional cast, I gotta have a group. Hahas! Giveaways! Fan questions! Awkward pee stories! Tune in for your post Easter candy coma. Or you secular candy coma cuz it's Sunday dammit and you're an adult and you can spend money on whatever the fuck you want. #SiliconValleyHSProm

Hahahahaha I got jeers-ed in @tvguidemagazine for working too much. Ironically, I remember getting shit after Singled Out for being a loser who would never work again (not sure if it was TV Guide or not) so I will proudly wear this jeers LIKE A BADGE OF FUCKING HONOR!! 😁

Really cool of @theellenshow to come over to play @nbcthewall with us! They gave away a ton of money to a couple of audience members who were struggling to pay off student loans too, so that was equally great. I was actually pretty nervous to meet Ellen, as she is definitely in my pantheon of comics who inspired me to do comedy growing up. There's a moment where I almost start trying to podcast her on her show but then quickly remembered that I was the guest. HOWEVER the first time she did the Tonight Show in '86, she KILLS and Johnny Carson called her over to the couch which was the hugest honor a comedian could get after being asked to perform on there in the first place. TV was different then--40 or 50 million people a night would tune in to that show and if you had a great set (and in Ellen's case, get anointed by the king himself) it literally changed your career overnight. Some day I hope to chat with her more a length about it but until then, I had a great time on her show!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES!!! 14 years ago today this little @robzombie horror gem where my friends and I have an unfortunate with some local folks came out on the big screen. Rob has been one of my best friends since we met at the @mtv music awards back in 95. In 2000, he called me and said, "Hey I'm directing a movie and I wrote a part for you. He's a completely loud, obnoxious asshole. It's perfect for you!!" We laughed at how true that was and I immediately said yes. We shot the film on the back lot at Universal which was a trip--the corpse house was actually the Best Little Whorehouse In Texas house (for those of you who do the studio tour) and @rainnwilson & I would sneak up the hill and have dinner every night at the Psycho house (which was sadly an empty shell inside with only work lights). My character Jerry (a lot of people still don't realize that was me) had a different but gruesome fate in the original ending, but then Universal gave Rob more money to make an ending where we actually see Dr. Satan (which we didn't originally if I remember correctly). Ironically, after it was all done the studio decided the film was too violent and refused to release it. It floated in lawyer land for a couple of years until Rob was able to get it back with @lionsgate. When it finally DID come out, I don't think it was all that well received but over time with home video it took its place as a horror classic. Horror was really different back then--kind of watered down--and Rob really wanted to bring back that gritty 70s super fucked up everyone-dies-for-being-in-the-wrong-place place films and I truly believe it inspired the next wave of horror. I'm so proud to be a part of it and sincerely love when people asked me to shout "DR. SATAAAAAAN!!!"

Music! Comedians! Comic Book Artists! See all that and more when my #ID10TFest mashes em all up and takes over Silicon Valley's Shoreline Amphitheater 6/24-6/25. It's time to LEVEL UP! Tix at ID10Tfest.com or click link in bio!

Zoom into the guy's tshirt in the background. @talking premieres TONIGHT at 11/10c on @amc_tv!! Elijah dismounted me and sat in a chair for the rest of the show. (shirt made and worn by audience member @adamenricco)

At the end of every show a series of cards pop up letting you know which companies were involved. Fish Ladder is the name of the production company I recently formed to make programming for the various AMC Networks and THIS is MY CARD. If you don't know what fish ladders are, google it. They're fascinating and simple in their ingenuity. @punyentertainment, the animation company I own with @shadipetosky made this and I love it. I have no explanation for why I added my voice at the, but I was probably heavily inspired by Joss Whedon's Mutant Enemy card that went "Grrrrr. Argh." at the end of every Buffy.

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