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Chris Hardwick  YOU could hang with Stan Lee as his VIP at his tribute night in LA! All for a good cause. ENTER:


I haven't had much time to doodle for quite a while so I went on a @rickandmorty tear last night since season 3 is in full effect. It's subtle, but when you draw these characters you understand how imperfect their shapes actually are which I'm going to read as an extra layer of depth for this already amazing show. Drawing is a GREAT way to while away the insomnia at 3am vs. reading how the world is flushing itself into a toilet on the internet. It might be weird but my favorite way to draw is with medium ball point pen. I think the messiness gives it a nice texture and the construction lines give you the sense of the process that makes it feel like you took the journey a bit. And THAT'S the way the news goes. #wubbalubbadubdub #fanart

Watch @talking tonight at 11/10c to see what a rad lady @jaimiealexander is, in case you didn't already know. Here's a sneak peek! #KnivesAndTampons

Last week's ep of @talking w/ @bryancranston is up on @nerdist Podcast. He is brilliant and huggable! And his new book on that table is checking out our buns. Tonight on @amc_tv at 11/10c watch this week's guest @jaimiealexander!

Our old band was called "Hoodie Two Shoes". The concept was that we all wore hoodies and only wore two shoes between the three of us. It was flawed from the start because we could never remember who was supposed to not wear shoes so we were always just in socks. It was funny until the one time @itswilwheaton slid off the stage into the woodwind section. It was the only section we had so that pretty much ended that right there. Anyway this was the cover of our cassingle "Walls To The Ball". cc: @sethgreen, photo by @annewheaton

This is the cover for the album "Crossing The Streams" by our new band The Otter Fops. cc: @itswilwheaton @sethgreen

ICYMI Rob Pattinson is a FANTASTIC guest on the @nerdist Podcast...really sweet, honest and fun. A solid chap. There's some great motivational talk about not beating yourself up, obsessive thinking and pushing through self-imposed boundaries. If you're a fan of Rob or the podcast, I think you will enjoy this one! Also, I make the dumbest faces in photos without realizing it. Just wanted you to know that I know. #nerdist #robertpattinson

Shasta Sunrise! #CoupleShit

Puttin' the "mount" in Mount Shasta HEYOOOOOOOOOO #romance

Lookit these assholes! #nofilter

Bonus @nerdist podcast this week! I adore @janelynchofficial. So. Much. #prom

Cabin in the woods. #RoadTrip

Inspirational quote above a toilet near Mt. Shasta. #AhmBamman

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