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Turns out @mattlauernbc is the big spoon! #RedNoseDay tomorrow...

I caught this while crossing the street in front city hall in Philadelphia a couple of days ago. While messing around with the saturation levels of the background in Ye Olde Photoshoppe, my brain started to do that thing which seems very hard NOT to do these days, which is flood itself with a images of how horrifying the world is at the moment. Not only is there a seemingly endless conveyor belt of atrocities, but the the Internet itself trades largely in an economy of fear, outrage and negativity that keep us trapped in a swirl of hopelessness and "why the fuck bother". Not that terrible things shouldn't be talked about...of course they should! That's how we bring about change. But I think it's also important not to get smooshed into a bleak stratum where that's ALL we see--once we do, it paints the background of what becomes a deeply onerous reality. If at all possible, don't let tragedy define you or become your comfort zone. If you do, you'll start to seek it out in a fucked up self-fulfilling prophecy. That's one limited interpretation of our existential soup but there are others. There is also beauty in the world, and humans doing selfless, positive things for other humans. Look for it. There are nuggets of goodness that we can snatch up and squirrel away in our gut, and if we collect enough we MIGHT have a little pile of warmth and hope to access when all external signs would indicate the contrary. Locating little bits of joy here and there takes a work, and harvesting happiness can feel like a chore but it's not only worth it--it's necessary for survival. For all the shit there is shine. If you scan for it and find a way to focus on it, I recommend it. You should be happy. You DESERVE to be happy. Be kind to others and equally as capital, be kind to yourself. I realize there are things that can happen that are so unspeakable that you might fire back with a "yeah FUCK YOU and this Pollyanna garbage talk". And maybe you're right? I dunno. I hope not. But as someone who has spent a lifetime parrying anxiety in an era that preys on it, I find it helpful. Probably silly on my part but that's how I feels! I hope you find joy today.
TL;DR not everything sucks

Thursday Night Live! I'm hosting @rednosedayusa on @nbc from 8-11p. Watch! Donate! Let's raise millions of dollars for kids together!!! 🔴

Fun Hard n' Phirm pic taken by @jakubmosur at Swedish American Hall in San Francisco on January 20th of this year for @sf_sketchfest. I've gotten to start performing with @mphirm again and it's been amazing! He'll be joining me on the road in the not too distant future! Like @id10tfest for example! #corazón #kitsune

I mean I just can't stress enough the importance of a nonstick insert tray for your pizza dongs. Although, the top one is a liiiiittle close to that onion ring for my comfort...🍆 🍕 ⚙️🚫

I mean if you HAVE to get up at 5:30am in Philadelphia, this is a pretty great first thing to see

I love this guyyyyyyy. #facehugs

First wave of panels for @id10tfest! MST3k & Stan Against Evil on Saturday June 24; Portlandia and Harmontown on Sunday June 25. We're just buttoning up a few more panels and will announce soon! I'll do a FB Live Q&A to talk about the festival and anything else at 2p LA time today over at facebook.com/hardwick. Join me!

Michael and the Fassbenders. Our new band. Fassbender is lead singer, naturally. Danny McBride is on slide uke and I wail on electric bassoon. This is the cover of an album of covers which Michael calls "Covered In Love". He explains this and goes further into detail with myself and Danny on today's @nerdist podcast.

Mood today: READY TO GET WET

This is the face of a Hylian who took back 4 Divine Beasts, defeated Calamity Ganon and just solved the 120th out of 120 shrines but somehow still has ONLY completed 30% of the game in 160 hours. HOW TF IS THAT POSSIBLE?? I blame those squeaky little leaf floaty Korok fuckers. #Tweehee

Enjoyed watching @aprilrich go full Less Than Zero in my kitchen last night

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