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ʞɔıʍpɹɐɥ sıɹɥɔ  Get your GIF/JIF pronunciation shirts at id10t.com!

I look like a friggin goon is this pic because THAT’S how much @crackerbarrel delights me. See you soon, Madison, WI!!! #CrackerBrrrrl

When I left for the airport this morning I wanted to write a message to @lydiahearst on the bathroom mirror with her lipstick for her to find but then thought that could make a difficult-to-clean mess and grind down a perfectly good lipstick, so I dripped shampoo in the tub instead. Simpler, cleaner, and lipstick friendly! Still not sure if she’s seen it yet... #HeadAndShouldersAndHearts

I had kind of a magician vibe going last night, so this is me summoning @lydiahearst and her amazing metal dress out of thin air. Also Avengers is a FANTASTIC ride. It starts and never lets up the entire time. And I don’t know how the Russos managed to do it, but even with pretty much every character in the MCU it never felt too crowded. Incredible achievement and a TON of fun. Go see it!!! Photo: @stevegranitz
Style: @kitscarbo
Suit: @paulsmithdesign
Tiger tie: @gucci

Just a friendly game of chess with Antonio Banderas. It’s a Hogwarts chess set. I was Gryffindor, he was Slytherin. He ended up having to leave before we finished so now how are we supposed to know who gets House Cup??? Oh well let’s just give it to Ravenclaw. Anyway, he was a phenomenal guest on the @id10t podcast. We talked about travel, home, love, and Picasso (whom he beautifully plays on this season of Nat Geo’s “Genius”). We also discuss what constitutes “genius”. It’s up now! CHECK AND MATE, SEÑOR BANDERAS.

The only thing that’s changed in the green room @thecomedystore the last 40 years is that the glass piano coffee table has bottles of water on it instead of cocaine. Other than that...UNCHANGED. Which is cool because this is an amazing place with an unreal history of legends who have all paced on the same stage—it is a living museum of comedy. I absolutely love performing here.

Negan or Rick? OH I DON’T KNOW I’M CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE. In any case thank you for watching @amctalkingdead for @amcthewalkingdead this season! I hope you’ll roll it on into the new and crossover-y @feartwd Talking Dead next week! Btw this pic is for anyone who says, “Hey, can you show me facial hair at 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months but can you make it like 28% sensual?” #SnuggleBeards

Tonight is the @amcthewalkingdead x @feartwd crossover! It goes TWD finale, the FTWD premiere (with a new ‘tude!), then @amctalkingdead where we’ll have cast members from BOTH shows!! Andy Lincoln, @jeffreydeanmorgan, Lennie James, @garretdillahunt, @danaygarcia1, Kirkman, & @scottmgimple. JOIN US FFS (ps this pic is from the season 6 premiere. Photocredit: ME)

To say this was a bucket list item is an understatement. If you know what this is, the answer is yes, it’s real. Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion opened in 1969 and for the first few years, the paintings in the first “is this haunted room actually STRETCHING” room were hand painted. After a while, though, they realized that the roller marks from the stretching gag were doing considerable damage to the paintings so in 1972 they started screen printing them instead. A handful of these original painted ones pop up at auction now and then and they always get snatched up quickly for unhealthy amounts of money. Fortunately a dealer I get a lot of Disney stuff from got his hands on one and I was able to get it. It is in PRISTINE condition. I’m going to frame it with UV coated museum quality non-reflective glass, because now I need to protect it!!! Even though it looks like I’m leaning on the painting, I’m holding my shoulders off our floor and I have nitrile gloves on behind my head. I just wanted to give you an idea of the sizeof it, so in this case I’m a human banana for scale. I love this piece so damn much. The Jack Skellington pj pants were a happy bonus. Yes, I wear them to bed almost every night. #GrimGrinningGhosts

@lydiahearst sent me this pic SHE SAID to show that she and Anubis miss me but I think it was REALLY to let me know that she is definitely a witch. Don’t worry I’m not like that oppressive asshole Darren Stevens! Cast dem spells! YOU BE YOU GIRL ✨🧙🏻‍♀️❤️

I ran into Nick Frost’s beard at @wondercon. His handle is @friedgold. He is the best. Also “Frostbeard” is an amazing name for a pirate or ice wizard.

We did the classic “we’re all asleep” gag on Space Mountain yesterday and accidentally discovered that @lydiahearst is actually a hibernating vampire.

ME SMILE PRITTY FOR CAMRA. And @johncena was beyond fantastic on the podcast. Like, maybe the best dude ever. Will post in a couple weeks! Additionally, 🐓 Blockers is super funny and you should see it. #assbeer

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