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Okay, now it’s a party!


Humbled and beyond honored to become the great President of the United States of America on this Tuesday, May 21st 2019 due to what was an incredible public out-roar by my global fanbase on social media and beyond. I love you all (even the haters) and we will make HardRockNick great again!

Moon Rock Nick!

Ironman here. 👊🏻 #ironman

Lets make HardRockNick viral again!

rough life. 🤷🏻‍♂️

lunch was yummy.


Though by no means unknown to the world prior to February 8th, 2019, HardRockNick was not at the top of anyone’s list of favorite social media personalities. Going even further back to 1977, HardRockNick did so in a dare with himself over whether he could make himself (an easily hateable character, hotel/casino mogul, lifelong playboy, Instagram’s hardest flexer, Trump supporter and documented deep-pocketed Trump/Pence campaign contributor, having divorced Hollywood A lister Jeff Goldblum’s former soulmate and fiancé, opinionated YouTuber) likable. Much to the credit of Chrissy Teigen, Tom Segura and wife Christina, Adam22, Jason Ellis, the staffers at Pornhub, an impromptu morning segment on popular morning FM radio banter, The Woody Show, accomplished YouTubers Drew Gooden and Danny Gonzalez and Comedy Central’s prized possession, comedian Daniel Tosh, HardRockNick grew popular and wildly adored if not viral among the Twitter, Instagram and YouTube universe simultaneously. Despite all the media attention in a now well chronicled 3 month span, HardRockNick remains lost on mainstream audiences where he is usually viewed as a “more villainous version” of Dan Bilzerian or to some, the unlikely reincarnation of short-lived viral social media star, Lil Tay, if they even knew who HardRockNick was at all.

Enter the wisecracking, irresistibly charming, slick headed, heavily bearded, equally heavily tattooed and very quotable HardRockNick in May of 2019. With the help of an endless stream of hard hitting and now viral YouTube videos, iconic Instagram posts and a not too shabby pair of alarmingly seductive light green eyes, social media users worldwide are turning this already filthy rich, egocentric, selfie-taking obsessed narcissist and industrializing playboy into one of the most beloved American celebrities, heroes and the greatest pop culture icon of all time. Not to mention the king of quip. HardRockNick is sure to make a few new great quips and a few more enemies thanks to his growing wealth but in the meantime, sit back and enjoy the ride. And do appropriately butter your popcorn. There’s ice in the freezer for your Cokes.


Jarvis, this is a test. This is just a test! Do not activate war machine.
Not until I upload the data points.


Yup. This just happened. I know its weird but hey, just go with it. In other news, I love my fans! DM me later? k bye. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Relax. Ironman didn’t die. He’s right here! I can’t talk long though. I’m meeting Captain America for cocktail shrimp and ginger ales in Venice Beach for a light dinner. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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