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Okay now, a little gym humor.... you know we are ALL GUILT OF THIS! Even the best of us that have a 6 pack year round are capable of a “food baby” haha! Everyone has their days 😂.

When the trainer is feeling the music haha!!

Meet our member Ronnie! He came in fresh to the gym and dove right in! He came to our fight camp class, killed it in there, came to your boot camp class built strength 💪🏼 He joined our challenge and dropped the mic on that challenge and killed the results! Even if he was tired , he killed his workouts. It’s all about dedication! We are so proud of you Ronnie! Hard work shows!

80’s day was a hit! Thank you for all of you that dressed up and had fun with us!

It’s 80’s day at the gym!!! We love our 80’s music and 80’s gear here! Why not jam out while you work out? ⚡️

MONDAY MOTIVATION goes out to member Karen who has LOST 78Lbs SINCE JANUARY OF THIS YEAR!!!👏🏼👏🏼 We remember her first day. Nadia was training class when she walked in. We were doing pull ups and she was scared to do them. We made sure she did a few with the bands before she left. I loved her willingness to try what I was asking her to do and believe she could do it. Well she’s had that same attitude, drive and determination since she started. She did the challenge in January of this year has and never liked back! She’s on her road to losing 100 lbs she says and if you see her she always has a smile on her face! She inspires and motivates us all to continue and never give up.
KAREN WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF YOU AND ARE ALL CHEERING FOR YOU TO REACH YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 we love u girl! — shout out to All of our trainers pushing her and @hardcorefit_sonya for also working with her on nutrition! Everything works together for your good! You just have to dedicate yourself!

This is what hard work gets you! Steven is our member who came for a challenge and continued to do nutritional programming and kick butt in the gym! It all works together to bring you success! He has not stopped because he has a goal and he will reach it! Awesome job on your success Steven!

Anyone else feel this way?😂🙊

It’s not all about hard work.... we like to play too! This was an event one of our trainers put on for his clients and it was a hit! We will be having another one coming up soon! They had a blast and got a great workout in! 💪🏼

We are so freaking proud of our Member AMY! She amazes us and shows determination at its finest! Her journey was not over night nor was it easy. She has put blood sweat and tears into this and has left her heart on the gym floor in every workout she does. She just did our challenge this morning and murdered it . She has lead teams and is now helping co captain another successful team! She calls herself the “most okay runner” . She had multiple metals for running”okay 😂” you can do what Amy is doing and make a change happen and make it stick! All you have to do is make the 1st step! Click the link in the bio for your pass and make that leap today! Amy you’re killing it 💪🏼

Don’t know about you guys,but it’s always that last set of leg day that gets us! Remember never skip leg day! Tag a friend who knows the deal!

Do you feel like your pushing your workouts hard enough? Why does personal training work so well for some? Accountability? Pushing past your own mental limits? .................... It’s all of the above! A great personal trainer knows how to get you out of your comfort zone and help you see just how strong you are ! 💪🏼 A great personal trainer should help you walk away from each session with more than just sore legs and sore arms ! You should walk away from each session with a sense of great strength and new accomplishments ! This client is Renee, our clients before and after photo is posted in our Instagram! She didn’t just have a Personal trainer, she had a coach, she had a nutritionist, she had someone who was more invested into her and her results and lifestyle change than just giving her a “Good session.” We pride ourselves on having trainers who really care about you and not how much money you have. Remember they can only do so much for you, you have to meet them halfway! Ask about our personal training! #iamhardcore shoutout to @josephordaz for this video

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