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Romanian deads from todays hamstring session. Working within my active range. If you don't have these in your program you should probably add them. .
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A little tweek on the classic DB row. Stand with your hips square and pull your elbow to your hip. These are absolutely savage and will really have you dropping the weight down to get some decent reps.
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Another shoulder variation using the wrist cuffs. These things are an amazing little tool to use every once and a while. I find I am really able to put the tension where I want it using the cuffs.

Todays leg day was this giant super set for legs and then some heavy hamstring and calves after. 315lbs on the bar for the squats. Felt like about 500lbs cause this was my last super set of 4 rounds. Legs were absolutely exhausted at this point. I was actully able to get a decent pump in the quads from this even though I have been keeping my carbs very low. Time for a high day soonšŸ˜šŸ˜

Not such a bad spot to post up and work on some client programs.

Got thin arms like me? Choose movements that recruit more muscle fibers when you train them. Overhand curls with this arm blaster thing are absolutely brutal. If your gym has one I suggest you work it into your programming.

Behind the neck smith shoulder press. In my opinion one of the best loading movements for the delts. Most people would have you believe that this will cause shoulder issues. Thats simply not true, this movement is just as healthy as any other exercise IF preformed properly and ONLY if you have healthy shoulders and good mobility.

I was born with a deformed chest bone. I was bullied and teased relentlessly as kid because of it. I never let anyone know it bothered me cause I could always handle myself and fire back even as a skinny little runt. But it did bother me it, effected me deeply. Interestingly enough my chest is now one of my best body parts. Aside from what we all know is the most important body part and of course im talking about my big huge heart. Anyway back to the point im not going to tell you the usual motivational bullshit like "make your weaknesses your strengths". Address the underlinig issues within yourself before you work on the outside. It makes the journey much easier and enjoyable. I did alot of work on me before I started putting in work at the gym. I truley believe this is the reason I have had so much success in acheving things I or anyone else never thought was possible for me.

The focus is on weight loss as we head into summer. Heres a short clip of my approach to achieving quality weight loss.

I'm currently in a 6-8 week fat loss phase. I made my way up to 230lbs but felt like my weight gain was starting to take a turn for the worse. By that I mean I was putting on more fat than I was muscle. I think its important to reset and lean out after pushing your weight up in the off season. Alot of people get stuck in the constant bulk phase and end up fat with big arms in a t shirt. Don't be that guy. Here is a short clip of some squats from today, simple 5 sets of 5 for the heavier movements as I slowly increase the volume of my training as needed to keep fat loss going. A lot of what I do is experimental in a way then I pass on my findings to my clients through their programming. I dont really believe in following anything blindly I like to prove it to myself before I pass it along to others.

Every training session is an opportunity to make progress towards the things you want most. Embrace and utilise every minute in the gym and every second spent within a set. Dont give in to the pain and mental weakness, you will only cheat yourself of what you set out to achieve.

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