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As you can tell, every moment with this woman has been pure joy. Happy birthday Obi-Wen Kenobi!

Dove into the ocean and captured this magnificent shot of Patrick and Mr. Krabs.
Actually, I just looked into a fish tank.

So this happened today. Off to semi-finals we go! Congratulations to everyone else at Agency 429 for winning 1st place in the AAF Red Track District 6 NSAC Competition!

It's Woman Crush Wednesday, my dudes. I'm very happy and fortunate to have you in my life. The last 7 months have been the most mediocre months of my life.

Well, I'm happy.

Fire tonight with the dog

Mediocre sunset with a mediocre girl.

This is the view from my room in Florida. Sweet mother fuck it's beautiful.

Glad to be avoiding the arctic weather back in Indiana. Florida feels wonderful.

Kayaking at Turkey Run this weekend featuring badass shirt. #kayaking #TurkeyRun #nature #outdoors

Rescued this baby rabbit from in my garage and then not 5 minutes later this majestic winged beast lands on my hand. I am father nature. #nature #animals #butterfly #rabbit #outdoors

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